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Anthony LaRusso had finally come to terms with the crush he had on Lj, who had only just began talking to him in a friend type of way. In all honesty he had liked her since she first started West Valley Middle School.

He wondered around his room, scratching the back of his neck. It had been about five hours since he had seen both Lj and Kai in the library, anger was still lingering through out him. Lj wasn't his girlfriend, he couldn't really say anything. Even if he did say something, Kai had his ways of changing his words.

He continued to pace around his room, his hand continued to run through his hair and Anthony didn't know what to do. Never in his 14 years of living would he have thought that he would be stressing over a girl he shouldn't like.

It should have hit him the day she came to his house and he placed her circular glasses on her face that seemed to fit like a piece to a puzzle.

It should of hit him the day she fell and he helped her get to the hospital and then later shared a burger with her.

It should of hit him the day he sat and watched Gilmore Girls with his older sister just to have something to talk about with her or when he decided to read a stack of books Lj loves to make her like him a little bit more.

But jealousy was what brought out his feelings and in all honesty that was the push he needed to get his head straight and feelings in line. Anthony thought for a while of what he could do, telling Lj wasn't a bright option because he thought she would probably beat him up, again. He thought about instead of telling Lj his feelings, he'll tell her about how shitty Kai is.

Perfect Plan.


The next morning was when Anthony decided he would talk to Lj about it today. He tried his best to dress slightly better and style his hair in a neater fashion.

While Lj had rolled out of bed half an hour too late and was now rushing around her room in grey sweatpants with a large black hoodie over a small white shirt. She sprayed deodorant on herself and pulled her messy hair in a loose bun.

Sprinting down the stairs of her home, a different sock on each foot, she ran into the kitchen where Kumiko was cutting some fruits and chucking them into a blender. "Good morning Lorelai, what is the rush?"

"I'm gonna be late if i don't leave soon auntie." She explained quickly, searching through the fruit bowl that sat centre on the counter. Kumiko looked up at her and chuckled slightly before closing the blender, hitting the button that started a loud scratching noise.

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