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Oh he has got to be kidding.

Lj stood their for a second, so did LaRusso. The teacher told them again where their seats were and for them to sit down so he can start the class. Hesitantly, they both sat in their seats, slightly moving their chairs from one another.

After a minute of silence in the class, Mr Blake started to talk about some upcoming events happening in the science department. Not many people seemed to be that interested, so Lj grabbed a sheet of paper from her notebook and started to sketch out a design of a new jacket she was going to make soon. She spent a few minutes drawing the outline of the jacket but stopped when she had to tie her hair in a bun due to it falling in her face.

"Miss Wu," she looked up at, putting her pencil down on the desk. "I asked if you knew the chemical reaction between water and potassium." She had a few pairs of eyes on her.

"Uh well potas-potassium metal reacts quickly with water that forms a col-colourless solution of potassium hydroxide and hyd-hydrogen gas." She explained, stuttering slightly on some of the words causing a short laugh out of the boy next to her.

"Correct Miss Wu, that was impressive." The teacher praised her the continued to talk about some more chemical reactions with some other students.

"Hardly impressive," Antonio mumbled, still chuckling to himself.

"What was that Antonio?" She whispered, giving him a glare. He scoffed and turned to face her.

"It's Anthony, Loreali." He spat,not physically spat but he seem agitated by someone calling him by his full name. He also pronounced her name as Lory-Lie.

"Well Anthony, it's actually Lj. But Loreali is pronounced Lor-A-Lie. Dipshit." She mumbled, rolling her eyes and continuing to sketch her jacket. She ignored the rest of his snarky comments and just sketched until the teacher announced something.

"SO CLASS, we will be doing multiple projects inside and outside the classroom, the person who you sit beside will be your partner for all of those projects. The ones in class you may be tested on and the ones that will be homework will count as 40 percent of your final grade. You will both work on it, not just one person."

Lj's face dropped, this meant for the next 15 or so weeks she would have to take personal time out of her day to work with Anthony LaRusso, for a subject her had no interest in.

Anthony just scoffed again, imagining having to actually hang out with her. He thought she was some weird new girl but he couldn't deny she was pretty.

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