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Lj walked away from Kai with a grin slapped on her face, she climbed into the backseat of Victoria's car and placed her backpack beside her when the both turned their heads to look at her. "What's with the grin?" Victoria asked with a small smile as she started the car up and pulled it away from the school.

"I just got asked out on a date to an arcade." She told her, a smile still on her face. Both teenagers thought that it was sweet and slightly teased her with the fact of the date. Lj rolled her eyes and looked out of the window, watching the buildings pass, taking the same route to the dojo until Miguel brought up something that caused Lj to jolt forward in the seat with a confused look.

"So what time are you going out with Anthony?"

She moved her head in between the gaps of the two front seats and gave him a look which made him shrug his shoulders. "Why'd you assume Anthony? Because it's not him, its another boy from school." Two 'ohs' came from the pair and they just sunk back into their seats and avoided the question, leaving her more confused then before.

The drive to the new dojo was a little further then Miyagi-Do, she had only been to the new one once before and honestly it wasn't the best thing she had seen but not too bothered by everything, Lj just wanted to learn karate and having Johnny as a sensi was something special, well?

"This is the worst thing that could have happened." Was the first thing Lj heard as she walked into the 'dojo', throwing her bag to the wall and making Johnny look back at her. "Quick L, get in line with everyone else." She jogged over and stood next to Bert who smile and nodded at her which she was quick to return it then looked back to the front.

Johnny began to pace back and forth, reading over a sheet of paper that was the new rules of the All Valley. "Skills competition, bullshit!"

"Kata is karate. It's dancing."

"What's this girls division? Thought they were all about women's lib. They ought to man up and take a punch like the rest of us." Victoria went to say something but he put his finger to his lip and a small 'shhh' come from his mouth. Lj slightly moved forward to get Johnny attention which it did.

"Well sensi, with the skills competition I could learn kata." He gave a look of 'what?' so she continued with what she was saying. "Well you said it's like dancing, which it probably isn't but I'm a dancer so I could learn it a bit quicker then others." The blonde nodded and pointed his finger at her with a smile.

"That's what I'm talking about, taking initiative of this. A mind of a winner, that's good kid but that means you'll be less focused on the actual fighting so we're only down to one female fighter." Victoria just nodded until Johnny said she wasn't enough to win causing her face to drop slightly, being noticed by Miguel.

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