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Lj had stormed off from the classroom hat Anthony had grabbed her, causing her to be much later to class then she had meant to be

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Lj had stormed off from the classroom hat Anthony had grabbed her, causing her to be much later to class then she had meant to be. Her history teacher was a half decent woman and let her get away with a lot, just never be late to her class. Ever. So the girl remained unsure if she should just skip the class to avoid a after school detention or just persevere with the late just to avoid Anthony, who was still sat alone in that empty classroom.

He sat there looking down at the message and thought about Lj's reaction to the message, it made him confused and still unsure why she reacted like that. Anthony was about to admit everything to her, in a slightly pathetic way that Lj would probably laugh about if she had heard it. He knew she was upset with him about something and now he was unsure if he would be able to get her to forgive him. Refusing to lose her again, he stood up and walked out, towards her history class where she still stood.

She still debated on what to do, until she heard familiar footsteps walking down the hall which caused Lj to spin on her heels and dash towards the bathroom, walking inside and locking herself in the stall, leaning against the back of the door. Her heart was racing and her face felt hot, cheeks burning and eyes watering slightly about this situation. It felt ridiculous to be feel this in her head, she wanted it to stop, she wanted everything to stop.

Lj felt her breath quicken up slightly, unable to catch herself properly and it was as if she was back to the night of the drive in where she had began to panic so much it had lead to her first ever panic attack. Now it was happening again.

Her heart thudded in her chest. Her hands shook and now her vision was blurred, as if she were looking through a fish-eye lens. She had to get away. Nothing felt right, she didn't know what made her panic so much but all she knew was that everything was different in this moment, yet this time nobody was there to help her.

Lj's body fell to the floor, hand against her chest and breathing heavily, trying to get something that felt like a normal breath out but it only felt quick and uneasy. Tears started to fall from her eyes onto the collar of her t-shirt.

In that moment she felt fear, pure and genuine fear. The feeling had made her ears feel as if she was deaf and Lj was unable to realise how loud her crying had become until there was a tap on the bathroom stall door, which made her look up quickly and try to comprehend what was going on. A voice slightly yelled out at her and it was recognisable to someone she knew quite well, someone who had known
about these situations since they began.

Liz. She was standing on the other side of the door and she wasn't sure who was the one crying but the girl wanted to help whoever it was. "Uh hi, are you alright?" There was a quick take back of what she said and it was quickly replaced by a, "Well that was stupid to ask, you're obviously not. I'm Liz, you may or may not know me but I'm out here if you need anything."

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