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AFTER THE BUS had pulled up at the front of the school, Lj and Kenny were quickly barged out of the way by the rest of the kids on the bus. So even though they  had been sitting at the front, they were the last to get off.

When they were finally able to leave the bus, they started to talk about the classes they had. Both shared a gym class and Chemistry class but he wasn't in her first two classes, so after he had found his class, she needed to find hers.

She thought it was on the second floor and ended up walking into a 6th grade class but luckily she got help from the teacher who said it was on the first floor, by the gym.

Lj jogged slightly to the bottom floor trying to locate the gym before she missed even more of her class, already ten minutes late. The class was on the other half of the school, so when she arrived the teacher stopped the teaching and went completely silent.

"You're late." The teacher scolded at her. She looked as if she was in her sixties maybe seventies, she was short and had a tight grey bun pinned to ty back of her head.

"Uh, yeah sorry. It's my first day and i couldn't find the class," she tried to explain but she was interrupted.

"Name?" The teacher looked down at a sheet of paper, waiting for an answer.

"Lorelai-Jones." The women looked down at the sheet and traced her wrinkled finger against it until she tapped down.

"You're name is Lorelai-Jones Wu?" The girl nodded, just wanting to sit down but the teacher was longing it out. "What a ridiculous name, two first names? Absurd." A few students chuckled but Lj was over it.

"Thanks, can I sit down yet?" She asked. The teacher just rolled her eyes and directed her to a desk, the middle row, far corner. She dropped her bag beside her and rested her head against the desk until she felt something hit her back.

Lj lifted her head and turned to face the back to see the boy from the bus, he was smirking while the guy next to him was laughing. She just smiled and turned back to the front, listening to the teacher cover simple algebra when something hit the back of neck. She tried to ignore it until she felt multiple hit her at the same time.

She spun back around to see both the boys now laughing silently, "Do you have a problem?" One of the boys asked, trying to contain his laughter.

"Yeah can you stop, please?" She whispers, turning I face the front for the last time trying to focus on the board while still feeling the paper balls hit the back of her.

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