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(If y'all haven't read like the first chapter or 2 of my other fanfic, part of this isn't gonna make no sense 😭)

Around two days later

"Every since I started at this school, my life has been miserable. They've chased me, beat my friend up, call me names and it's not going to stop. I don't know how I'm gonna keep going, I don't feel safe. They knows karate and I'm scared they'll use it on me." Lj admitted down the phone, she heard a light chuckle. "What's funny?"

"Did you say karate?" The voice said.

"Yeah. What's so funny?"

"Don't worry about it little cousin. An old friend of mine can help. Just go to the miyagi do dojo and ask for Victoria Lawrence. She'll know what to do."

The phone call ended. Lj remained slightly confused with the conversation with her cousin.

Who is Victoria Lawrence? Where is Miyagi-Do? What will she do?

She sat at her desk for a minute just thinking about everything, her stomach churning at the thought of going back to school. It had been two days since the incident, it was now Thursday.

Yesterday, she was able to cut school early to avoid getting the bus back home since someone had thrown glitter over her head.

Now today she tried earlier in the morning to fake being ill but neither of her moms believed her. She had kept the incident with Anthony a secret since she knew her they would react.

Lj only called her cousin because she was the only relative who she could trust without being snitched on. But never would she have thought Haven would know anything about karate.

The girl paced around for a moment thinking of what she could do, skipping wasn't an option because the school would call her parents if she wasn't there. Leaving early wasn't either because yet again they would call her parents. The only option was going to school.

She thought about going to that dojo place, so she googled it and wrote it down in her maps, 30 minute walk from school. If she could heard there straight after, she could catch this Victoria girl.

And that is exactly what she did.

Lj was already prepared for school, her outfit consisted of a grey baseball hat that had red fabric on the inside, a red hoodie with black jeans and red converse. She packed some leggings in her backpack in case of anything with the karate situation.

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