Chapter 10

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My eyes blinked rapidly as a very bright ray of sunlight hit my face. Groaning quietly I was not entirely awake yet when my hand instinctively looked for the warm body that I had spent the night with. But there was nothing. Opening my eyes now, I got up a little and found myself alone in the big bed of Camila’s hotel room. There was a note on the pillow and my heart was racing immediately although I had been dead asleep just seconds ago.


I’ve been staring at this piece of paper for over an hour now; trying to find the right words but I might have to consider the possibility that there are no words for how I am feeling right now. The only thing I know for certain is this: I need time.

So please don’t call me. I need some time to figure all of this out.

- Camila”

As soon as I finished reading her words, I read them again…and again. I was trying desperately to find out what the younger one could be feeling. Her note was so incredibly vague and I was not sure what I should do. I wanted to call her and tell her that I would wait forever if she wanted me to. Her wish was pretty clear, though. She wanted space; which meant distance. And that scared the crap out of me. I was reminded of so many times this had happened and Camila ran away. Back then she couldn’t tell me what she felt but I had been hopeful this time would be different.

Seeing all of her stuff gone made me think of my battle of trying not to fall asleep. I had this premonition this would happen and stayed up as long as I possibly could. The fresh memory of me stroking her soft hair, letting the silky strands run through my fingers and listening to her steady breathing while she was sleeping, made me choke up. What if I hadn’t fallen asleep? Maybe I could have talked to her and made her stay.

If history were to repeat itself then I wouldn’t hear from her for a while. The mere thought of being apart again was so unbearable after that incredible night we had shared. The images in my head of Camila doing these ungodly things made my cheeks burn instantly. I looked at the bed with the ruffled sheets and there was some lipstick of mine all over them and the pillows.

“Camila! Time to wake..up!”, I heard Normani’s voice suddenly enter the room and grabbed the sheets to cover my naked body.

“What the fuck?!” I screamed and saw the young woman’s shocked face stare at me.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry…Camila gave me an extra key and said I should wake her up”, she explained and still looked completely confused on what she actually saw.

My eyes were probably popping out of their sockets and I gripped the sheets even tighter. Normani’s face scrunched up which made me even more nervous. It looked like she hadn’t put it together yet.

“Jesus, it smells like sex in here”, she blurted out and I could see the lights go off in her head. Her eyes locked with mine now and I felt the lump in my throat. Apparently she needed some time to process because no one could have seen this coming. Not even I had been prepared for what had happened between Camila and I. She excused herself politely and left the room without another word. Quickly I got up and looked for my clothes that were distributed all over the floor. I rushed out of the room as soon as I was dressed and walked to my own room.

On my way I, of course, met Dinah who looked me up and down and realized I was wearing the same clothes from last night. My hair was a mess and just everything about me indicated what a wild night I had. She was grinning and winked at me.

“You’re rockin’ that walk of shame, girl”, she said and gave me a pat on the shoulder as we crossed paths in the hallway. God, if she only knew that I was doing the walk of shame because of her closest friend, she’d probably react differently.

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