Chapter 38

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I was waiting for Lauren. She was fashionably late as always. My nerves were killing me which was ridiculous but I couldn't help it. I hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks. The last time had been at Taylor's birthday party and we hadn't spoken since. We were both enjoying our time at home and I knew I would see her again soon enough. A little distance was good. Good to have my non-platonic feelings simmer down a bit. I was determined to not have them resurface as badly as before because I wanted to save our friendship. And we had been doing better lately. The little steps I had taken to rekindle our bond were paying off and I knew the older one was grateful for my new approach.

Looking up from my phone once again, I saw Lauren walking through one if the airport doors. Her face lit up as soon as she saw me and I felt my heart beating faster instantly. Oh God, those damn butterflies in my stomach were on rampage when she walked over quickly and suddenly hugged me. Now my heart was skipping a beat. The unexpected embrace was a surprise. We hadn't touched that much since that stupid kiss. I had made sure not to come too close. Well, that was out of the window now. Even with my erratic heartbeat, I couldn't resist putting my arms around her as well and letting myself fall into her big hug. I had missed it so much. The way Lauren just pulled you in and pressed herself tightly against you was making me forget about all of me surroundings. Her arms were folded around my neck and I could feel practically every inch of her against me because she was holding on so tight.

"I missed you, Camz", she whispered and I swallowed heavily.

"I missed you, too", I said quietly and expected her to let go.

She didn't. Instead, she was almost rocking my slightly in her arms and I thought my heart was seriously going to pop out of my chest at any moment. My lips formed a smile without me knowing and I held on tighter as well.

"I know. I saw the instagram video", Lauren replied and my lips parted now in shock. I felt embarrassed and heard the other brunette laughing gently because she was teasing me apparently. I had made a little video message on instagram to tell the girls how much I missed them. The fact that I had mentioned Lauren's name first had made some sort of impact and I knew how obsessive some of the fans were. I wasn't particularly uncomfortable with it but I knew Lauren was; which was ironic, considering I was the one having the inappropriate feelings. The more uncomfortable thing for me had always been her reaction to those things. My distant behavior in the past was partly due to that. And of course the fact, that I tried avoiding having my feelings grow even more.

For some reason, Lauren didn't seem bothered now. She was even making fun of me and I wondered why she was so nonchalant about it.

"I wanted to do something for you girls. Ally and Normani's videos were so funny though and mine was just stupid", I answered after a few seconds and grinned because Lauren was still hugging me. What the hell had happened to her in the past weeks?

"It was cute, don't worry", she reassured.

I wasn't sure how long it took for Lauren to finally let go of me but she did after what seemed like an eternity. My knees were weak and I was scared of falling over because I couldn't support my weight on my own after that. Thankfully I didn't. Pulling away from the embrace, I looked into the piercing green eyes for the first time and saw her smiling. She wore no makeup and was dressed casually for the flight but I loved seeing her so naturally. I was having a hard time focusing on something else than those hypnotizing eyes and nearly blushed when I realized what I was doing. She was doing the same, though. Just looking deeply into my eyes like I was the most precious thing she had ever laid eyes on. It felt like old times and bit my lower lip as a reflex before our parents told us we had to hurry.

We said goodbye to our families and found ourselves on the plane soon after. The first thing we did was get our books and headphones. I looked over and we shared a little laugh because of our similar action. It was scary how alike we were at times. Before putting on the headphones, I wanted to get a glance on what Lauren was reading these days. My eyes focused on the reading material on her lap while she was looking at her phone.

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