Chapter 27

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Camila’s POV

I felt the warm body next to mine shifting slightly before that annoying sound of Lauren’s alarm rang in my ears. One of these days I would throw that thing out the window, I swear. The amount of times the older one had to get up at these ungodly hours was crazy. No wonder she was tired all the time and took every chance she got to rest. Just slowly opening my eyes, I felt her trying to slip out from my embrace without waking me up. I tightened my grip to let her know I was awake already.

“Sorry, I tried not waking you up”, her raspy voice apologized but I snuggled up to her even closer.

“Just stay for five more minutes”, I begged and opened my eyes to meet hers.

“Five minutes”, she agreed and I was still having butterflies whenever the green eyes focused on me so intently. Our faces were almost touching, both heads resting on her pillow while my arm was draped around her. She started stroking my arm very gently and just smiled at me, making my heart race immediately. There was not a single moment where I forgot how amazingly stunning she was, but there were definitely moments where I noticed more than others. Just like right now.

Her eyes were obviously the most noticeable feature that made everyone weak in the knees. Seeing them up close, I was able to distinguish the darker shade of almost blue around, transitioning into the light green. They looked particularly light this morning. I had noticed before that the color varied sometimes. The thick eyebrows and full eyelashes accentuated them even more and she honestly needed no makeup whatsoever to make them stand out. Her complexion was flawless but a lot paler than mine. A few messy hair strands were still falling perfectly.

My hand automatically reached for the soft skin and caressed her cheek. She didn’t hesitate to take my hand in hers immediately after. The full lips kissed the back of my hand lovingly and made my heart flutter.

“I could get used to waking up like this”, I whispered and saw her smiling. She leaned in and I saw the green eyes disappear behind her eyelids before her lips pressed against mine; gently but full of affection. I reciprocated in the same way and moved even closer to feel the unmatched warmth her body exuded. The five minutes were up quickly as we fell into a rhythm of letting our lips dance around each other.

“I have to get up”, she mumbled against my lips and I groaned but let go of her. I reached for my phone as the older one got up and saw a bunch of emails. Twitter was probably even worse. There was one email from Chelsea and I was wondering why she had mailed me. Opening the email, I was very surprised by what I read. Apparently it showed on my face because Lauren looked at me with that typical, concerned expression.

“What’s wrong?”, she asked and sat down on the edge of the bed again.

“Chelsea sent me an email”, I began. “Amanda called her and said she was so fond of our story that she asked if I would do an interview as well.”

“What? Why would she ask that? You’re not in the business anymore and she should respect that”, Lauren sounded protective.

“It’s not really about me, apparently. Well it is but it’s more an addition to your interview. I’m not doing an episode but they want to make yours longer and more special. At least that’s what Chelsea wrote”, I explained and saw the older one being skeptical.

“Still, they shouldn’t put that pressure on you.”

“I kind of want to do it”, I admitted and saw her kink an eyebrow. I sat up now to face her. “You always take the brunt for things and you always have. This time, I want to do it together. It’s not just about you but about us, and I want to be a part of it if you let me.”

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