Chapter 35

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Camila’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly when I found something soft caressing my neck. It took me a few seconds to realize where I was or what was happening. Then it became obvious that the woman I loved was kissing my highly sensitive skin. She was lying behind me, her arm wrapped around me while her hand stroked the fabric of my collared shirt. I remembered coming back to the hotel after Ariana’s party and I had apparently passed out soon after. Being woken up like this was heavenly and I enjoyed the affection given to me by the older woman although I couldn’t see her.

It must have been in the middle of the night still, or very early morning, because the sun was not up yet. Knowing at what hours Lauren had to get up mostly, I wasn’t surprised though. I was more surprised about the fact she was being so touchy. Usually I was the instigator but I was not complaining at all. The sensual lips kept pressing against my neck in gradually more daring kisses. I exhaled deeply and felt a little shiver going down my spine before I decided to speak up.

“Are you fondling me in my sleep?”, I almost giggled. “That’s pretty kinky.”

“I thought you liked that kind of stuff”, the raspy voice countered with a gently laugh but the sound of her unmistakable tone furthered my already feverish imagination.

“Maybe”, I whispered but turned around to face her.

“Maybe?”, she repeated in a pouting manner and I smiled as soon as I met her piercing green eyes. “I’m doing some of my best work here and that’s all I get?”

“Why don’t you keep going and I’ll give you another evaluation afterwards”, I teased and saw her chuckling now. She caught me off guard and suddenly swung herself on top me, straddling my hips. I almost groaned when her hips added the pressure of her body weight on my already throbbing area. My hands did not hesitate and ran up and down her exposed thighs. She reciprocated by tracing the middle of torso with one hand very slowly.

“What do you want me to do?”, Lauren asked and I saw her eyes showing excitement but also some nervousness. I knew she felt a little shy in that department because I had been so open with everything but there was no doubt in my mind she could probably let loose even more. Meeting the emerald color of her eyes, I bit my lower lip and shrugged very subtly.

“Whatever you want to do”, I replied casually and wanted to make sure she was having fun as well. “I know I’m going to enjoy myself no matter what”, I kept going to boost her confidence even more. That was what she needed and her little smirk proved me right. The anticipation was killing me already and maybe I was still a little drunk but I felt so on edge. Seeing Lauren just in a t-shirt and panties was not helping the situation. I was still fully clothed but hopefully that would change soon.

As if she was able to read my mind, her fingers grabbed the collar of the blazer I was still wearing and pulled me towards her. I was sitting up now and felt her lips barely brushing against mine. My eagerness showed when I tried connecting our lips but she pulled away playfully, making me squirm. The smirk on her face became even wider but she took of my blazer and threw it somewhere on the floor. Wrapping my arms around her waist afterwards, she leaned down and bit my neck harsher than I had expected. Lauren had a certain affinity with biting but until now she hadn’t shown much of it. That mixture of pleasure and pain was incredibly enticing and I felt like she was setting me on fire already. God, if this was just the beginning I wasn’t sure whether or not I would survive what else she had in store for me.

“Oh God”, it escaped my lips when her teeth scraped my skin again. She knew exactly what spots to work on and finally used her tongue to sooth the fazed areas afterwards. There was still no actual kissing involved and I knew she was teasing me because I loved kissing more than anything; no matter what part of my body she had picked out. Her hands had started unbuttoning my blouse and the white fabric joined the previous clothing somewhere in the room. My own hands wanted to pull off the older one’s shirt but she grabbed my wrists and “punished” me with another bite on the side of my neck. I would look like I had been mauled by animals but I couldn’t care less because this new side of her was making my body tingle like never before.

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