Chapter 48

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Lazily opening my eyes, my pupils focused only slowly on my surroundings. A few more blinks were necessary to awake fully. I stretched my sore muscles very mildly and groaned inaudibly because I hated the achy feeling in my body. There was no point in my frustration, and I had to accept that those were the last times I had to battle these unwanted side-effects since my chemotherapy had officially come to an end a few days ago.

The mere thought of now being in remission was a relief and made me forget about the pain in my limbs. I rolled on my side and saw the younger woman lying on her stomach, still sleeping peacefully next to me. The past night had been quite emotional on me but her compassion had made me feel safe enough to let myself cleanse for the emotional distress. I remembered her holding me close and not letting go while I had cried for a quite a while. At some point I had fallen asleep and I felt like a new person this morning. Maybe that little outburst had been my way to cope and find closure on a very emotionally charged chapter of my life.

I couldn’t have been more grateful for Camila. My eyes took in every little detail of the sleeping beauty. Her light-brown hair covered half of her face while her naked shoulders and upper back were almost completely exposed, due to the blanket only covering her lower body. I started caressing her shoulder blades softly. My fingertips barely made contact but I felt the warmth of her body instantly. It was not a conscious effort to wake her but looking at the alarm clock, I saw that it would go off in a few minutes anyway to catch our flight back to Miami. Until then, I would take my chances and enjoy the incomparable bliss of being so close to her.

“Why are you…staring again?”, I suddenly heard the hoarse voice of my wife appear. I smiled immediately and loved her voice in the early morning. It was even huskier than usual and beyond appealing.

“Because you’re pretty”, I smirked lightly and kept tracing her spine with my index finger. Her eyes were still closed and I knew she wasn’t a morning person. It had always taken her quite some time to get out of bed and today seemed no different. Not that I was complaining since I lived for those simple moments between us.

“You are so shallow”, Camila obviously teased me and I saw the corners of her lips curving as well.

“You’re right. I only married you because you are hot”, I kept going and knew this was only the beginning of our banter.

“Well, I only married you because you’re rich”, she confirmed my suspicion by bantering some more.

“Oh really? Does that make me your sugar mama then?”, I asked playfully and heard her giggling now.

“Exactly”, Camila opened her eyes and met my gaze with the biggest smirk on her lips. “It was all part of my evil plan.”

“So that makes you the trophy wife then. But what was the evil plan?”, I questioned amused while continuously stroking her back.

“You know, make you fall in love with me first”, the younger one chuckled. “And have so much earth-shatteringly good sex with you that you will fall even harder. It worked because we got married and you didn’t make me sign a prenup. So now I can divorce you whenever I want and get half of your money.”

“You are such an idiot”, I laughed full of endearment and she was grinning broadly. As much as I loved being romantic, I adored Camila for this side of her just as much. The bantering and mocking was all meant in fun and we both knew it. “Besides, if you were to ever divorce me, you could have all my money because I would have lost anything of worth to me anyways”, I added more seriously. Camila lifted her eyebrows.

“Come here, you cheeseball”, the husky voice demanded a kiss and I bent over to press my lips against hers. They were so soft and full that it amazed me every single time how amazing it felt. Letting go, I looked into the warm brown eyes and felt her arm draping around my waist. She held me close this way before continuing to speak. “Are you feeling better this morning…after last night?”, she asked more cautiously.

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