Chapter 45

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I was seriously starting to sweat when I simply thought about what was going to happen any second now. Camila had been in the bathroom for a few minutes already while I was sitting on the chair, trying to keep my composure. Taking a very deep breath, I tried my best to calm my nerves but every time I heard the most insignificant noise, my head turned to see if my wife was finally coming out. Yeah, my wife I repeated internally and smiled to myself.

It took another few seconds before the door finally opened. The first thing I noticed was that the lights were dimming. I gulped. Apparently, she was taking this pretty seriously as I heard music filling the room now. There were speakers distributed subtly throughout the entire bedroom, actually everywhere in the apartment which wasn’t too surprising considering my profession and the fact that I loved hearing music everywhere. The sound was very clear and I recognized Beyoncé’s “Rocket” playing. Jesus, this was going to be quite something.

My eyes wandered to the side when I saw her.

“Holy shit”, I mumbled before my jaw dropped. The younger woman was wearing some white lingerie that made my heart skip a beat. Combined with her tan skin, the white fabric stood out even more and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the silky fabric. She definitely wasn’t wearing much but just enough to make me ache for more. The supple breasts were confined in the lacy bra and only the matching panties covered up her lower region. However, there was one clothing item that I had never seen her wear before. The sight of the matching straps was making me lightheaded. As if I wasn’t submissive enough, Camila had to wear heels so she was genuinely towering over me once she stood in front of me.

Her little smirk proved to me that she liked my reaction. I instinctively licked my lips and just wanted to jump her at this point and rip off the little fabric covering her perfect body. Who needed a lap dance when you could have this?

“Are you ready?”, Camila husked seductively, very well aware of my current state it seemed as I was still taking in every little detail of the light-haired beauty.

“I’m…not sure”, I answered with a small grin.

As I lifted my gaze, I saw the brown orbs eyeing me intently and felt my pulse going through the roof now. She looked at me like a predatory animal and I was the helpless prey. For the love of God, I was squirming already and she hadn’t even started!

Camila started slowly walking around me, her fingertips trailing my arm, shoulders and neck until she was standing behind me.

“I have a rule for you”, her low voice appeared before she ran her fingers through my hair, making me close my eyes in bliss. “No touching.”

“No touching?!”, my eyes opened quickly. “But…where’s the fun in that?”, I pouted but heard her scoffing.

“Are you honestly doubting my abilities to make this fun for you?”

The way she said it caused me half a heart attack. She sounded so freaking dominant and almost arrogant but so hot at the same time.

“Didn’t think so”, she added as I couldn’t even form words at this point. Her fingers started gently massaging my temples for a second. Not for long though. Before I knew what was even happening, she was straddling my lap and I almost gripped her waist. But I kept my hands on the chair and held on to the wooden surface as Camila looked so damn pleased with herself.

Her palms pressed against my shoulders, holding on tight to a point where her fingernails scratched my skin. I suppressed a moan when I felt the younger woman rolling her hips for the first time. If this was just the beginning, I was seriously screwed. She did it again and again, scooting closer to me every time until her upper body was almost pressed against mine. The next time her hips moved in that perfect unison to the beat, I couldn’t do it anymore and put my hands on her back.

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