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I loved clubs! They were a lot of fun to be at. There was dancing, drinking, and, of course, hooking up. Although I didn't drink, I did like the atmosphere of it all and there wasn't much else I wanted to do on weekends. I was 30, what else was there to do in my free time?

So, I danced a lot. I danced on tipsy men and made them want me by flaunting what I had. It was easy enough because a lot of them weren't anything special. That being said, hookups were a bit normal. However, the nagging reminder of "being extra safe" lingered any time I got up to no good.

I did find myself dancing by myself for a bit this time, though. There weren't many men here that caught my eye and I was getting tired. Just as I was going to sit at the bar, someone asked if he could dance with me. He was a good-looking guy, tan, muscular but skinny, with amazing hair. He even had a cute smile and the way he spoke to me made me drawn to him in a way that even the best nights I've had couldn't compare. With a man that hot, how could I decline? I took his hand and let him lead me back to the floor. 

As our bodies pressed up against each other, I couldn't help but smile. He moved in time with my movements almost perfectly; it was amazing. Usually, I was the lead, but he seemed to have taken control fairly quickly.

"Hey," I said, getting his attention. He looked at me and smiled. We were swaying to the music carefully now but he was still holding my hips. 

"Wanna get out of here?" I asked. He agreed and led me up the stairs where the DJ was. There was a door behind him and he opened it to reveal, basically, a small living space. It looked cozy, to say the least, but being dark made it sexy.

"What is this place?" I asked.

"Secret place, shh." He hushed me as I nodded and went inside the room. He turned on the light and I led him over to the bed where I attached myself to his lips and kissed him feverishly.

He kissed me back with a bit of force as he led me backward onto the bed and hovered over me. He inched his way to my crotch. I chuckled and pulled him closer to me, but he flipped us around so I was on top.

I straddled his hips, unbuttoned his shirt, and ran my hands along his bare chest, biting my lip while I was at it. He was so toned but his figure was so inviting; I loved it.

He raised his hips a bit as he held me on top of him. I smiled at the way he looked at me with lustful and up-to-no-good eyes. He wanted this, I could tell. The mystery man made his way to my pants and unbuttoned my jeans, sliding them and my underwear down until I was completely out of them before doing the same for himself. Soon, I ground down on him to release some of the sexual tension we held.

The friction felt so good, it really did. So much so, I found myself getting hard at just the small movements of it — but so did he. Soon, he took me in his hand and began to stroke me. He went fast at first and it felt great but, after he slowed down a bit and squeezed my dick as he went, it felt incredible.

"Ride me." He breathed. I chuckled, stopping his movements and removing his hand. Almost immediately I felt bare and I wanted the closeness back.

"You have a condom?" I asked. He nodded and directed me to where it was. I grabbed it and slid it on as I watched him smirk at my touch. He looked so hot as I did this that I couldn't help but get distracted as I put on the material until something snapped and I was left to gasp as we looked down at the latex. I guess it was a bit older than he thought.

"It's broken..." I said, biting my lip. He looked at me and sighed. Fuck. I didn't want this to end so quickly. I was too worked up to stop and I wanted only him. So, I would get him.

"Fuck, sorry." He said, sitting up but, I pushed him back down. I leaned down and closed the gap between his chest and my mouth by trailing my tongue along to his large member, keeping eye contact the whole time. I tore off the condom and wrapped my mouth along the top.

I sucked softly before grazing my tongue along his slit. He groaned in response and thrust his hips forwards as I chuckled, vibrating his penis whilst inside my mouth. Soon, though, I removed him from my mouth and held him tightly. He was throbbing in my hand as he slowly raised and lowered his hips to fit more into my hand.

I tracked him as I climbed on top of him again and aligned myself, pushing myself into him as he sat there and moaned at every move I made.

"You don't care about the condom?" He asked. "I'm clean,"

"I won't tell if you don't," I said. The thought was still there but, I ignored it. Let's just hope it all goes smoothly.

I gasped as I finally filled myself up and sat there for a bit, not moving. It wasn't long until I did; though, I couldn't take not moving anymore. I wanted it and him too badly to keep things still.

I moaned quietly as I bounced and ground, making him hit me at different angles. It all felt so good and hearing him grunt and moan as I fucked myself was even hotter.

Soon, he was fucking me in time with my bounces, and making me yell out. I didn't want to be too loud, though, so I did my best to cover my mouth.

"Aw, no. Yell for me, baby." He cooed in a rough, demanding tone that made me melt and I couldn't help but follow his instructions.

Not long after, he sped up his thrusts and I landed harder with each movement, grinding as we came in contact. I reached down to jerk off at the feeling of it, but he stopped me and did it for me.

He ran his thumb along my slit, squeezing down on it as he loosened up and moved down my shaft, quickening his hand movements as I moved my ass and hips in time with him. It all felt so amazing.

"Oh, god, yes." I moaned loudly, huffing as I landed on his hard cock one final time. I leaned forward as he made me come on his stomach with a final tug and swipe of his fingers.

"I'm gonna come," He said, almost as a warning, holding my hips down. He moaned out when he shot inside of me, continuing to come down from it all until I sighed and rolled off of him.

"Fuck," He cursed under his breath. That was so good, fuck. It all felt so good. Tell me why I didn't do this more often, again?

"That... was great," I said, sighing and laying down as I closed my eyes and tried to catch my own breath. I felt like I was about to pass out.

"You were great." He complimented and laid next to me. He pulled me into him as I used my shirt to wipe off any come we had on ourselves. We closed our eyes and inevitably fell asleep from the extent of all our activities.

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