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A few weeks, more like four, passed and I wasn't really up for clubbing, to be honest. I had just been so damn tired. And nauseous. I keep getting sent home from work, actually, because I'm throwing up and it's terrible. Today, I was in, though. It was a relatively busy day but, I'm glad I got the hours in to get headway on paperwork. Now that the day was over, though, I was happy.

"How are ya feeling today, Kellin? I'm glad to see you made it through the day." My best friend, Gabe, asked me as we packed up our things and began to walk out the door. He was my boss at work, too. Well, my higher boss. I was the CFO of the company but, he founded it. It made it hard not to get my health watched, especially by him.

"Pretty good! Just tired and a little nauseous. It's not even like I'm sick, though. I throw up once and I'm fine for the day, just sensitive to some smells, it seems." I sighed. I hoped whatever was going on would pass soon. It was exhausting, definitely.

Gabe chuckled. "You sure you're not pregnant?" He said, hitting my side but, I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at him with fear in my eyes. "What?" He asked.

"Gabe..." I said but I could barely get anything out because I couldn't catch my breath all of a sudden. My heart was practically beating out of my chest. What if I were pregnant?

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