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"You don't know?!" I was being yelled at now. I deserved it but, fuck, I didn't know what to say for myself. So much was going on all at once right now.

"Not right now, no!" I yelled. "Wait!" Realization struck, though, finally. "That guy... at the club a couple of weeks ago."

"Oh, the guy with the nice hair?"

"Yeah, him. We didn't use a condom, Gabe. He was the only guy that I didn't use a condom with."

"Like ever?"

"Like ever." I thought. "Well, we were about to, but it broke."

"And you did it anyway. This is who I deal with." I rolled my eyes at Gabe's mini "rant." I didn't need the lecture right now. He was annoying me, anyway.

"Alright, dad, alright. I'm sorry." I said, walking out of the bathroom and plopping down on the couch. Well, I was pregnant. That explained a lot of things. I still had to tell that guy, though.

"I think I have his number." I said after a while of silence. Gabe snatched my phone from the counter and went to the only number that wasn't saved in my phone and dialed it.

"It's ringing, talk." He ordered and put it on speaker. I looked at him with wide eyes. I wasn't going to talk to him now. I at least wanted to wait a bit.

"No!" I mouthed and ran to the other side of the room. Gabe silently argued with me and stopped his foot as soon as someone answered.

"Hello?" They said in a casual manner. Oh man.

"If you don't talk, so help me God." Gabe said finally, but I shrugged like I didn't care. Of course I cared, though, I just didn't want to talk right now; I was scared.

"Uh, hello?" They spoke again. Gabe rolled his eyes and started to speak.

"Hi, you don't know me but, you will soon. Can you get down here and talk to us." He asked. He had an attitude, but he didn't show it too much on the phone.

"Is this some kind of sex pick-up line or something?" The guy joked. I groaned and rolled my eyes. What even was that?

"What the hell? No. Do you remember that guy you fucked a couple weeks ago?" He was silent. "No condom?" Silence. "Dark hair, curly. Pale skin, small figure?" Silence. "At the club?"

"Yes! Yes, I do." He chuckled. "Is this you, though? I thought you sounded differently,"

"Just come to 1572 Michael Rd within the next hour, please." Gabe said with an attitude as he hung up. I didn't blame him, it took him way too long to remember me.

"Really, Kellin? That's the guy you choose?" Gabe asked. "He seemed like a ditz,"

"But, he was so good!" I stressed. Gabe rolled his eyes at me. He was probably pissed that I didn't talk, but he'd get over it eventually.

"You know you're pregnant from this guy, right?" He was right. And now I have to talk to him about it after not speaking to him for weeks. I don't even know his name, but the first time I hear it I'll be dropping the bomb that he's going to be a dad. How shitty.

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