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"So, tell me about yourself," I heard Vic say as I looked over the menu a bit and sipped on my drink.

"What do you mean?" I asked, making note that I wanted mozzarella sticks and french fries.

"Like, what's your job, hobbies; tell me about who Kellin is," He explained. He looked at me intently and put down his menu. I smiled a bit. He was trying. It was an awkward situation we were in but it wouldn't be so bad if we knew each other. I appreciated his effort.

"Well, I work with my best friend, Gabe, at his company. We're a law firm." I sighed. "I'm the CFO per se, though, so I don't do cases,"

"Woah, woah, woah. You work in a law firm?" I nodded. "That's awesome! Do you like the job?"

"I love my job, to be honest. I'd rather be like living for fun, though, you know? What about you? Where do you work?"

"Oh, I own the club we met at."

"No way." I said, astounded. No way this dude owned that place. I'd been going there for years.

"Yes way." He chuckled. "Since I was about 25. I own two more like it in Santa Barbara." Well, I was impressed.

"Sweet," I said, smiling. Soon after, our food came and we dug in. Vic spoke up again, though, thank god. I liked the flow we had going.

"So, what do you like to do for fun then, huh? Like, what do you do in your free time?"

"Mm, make things? I do a lot of singing, not that it's too good. I like to go for drives, though! And talk to my mom." Vic laughed at the end of what I said.

"Talk to your mom?" He coughed, drinking some of his water.

"Yes, she's a sweet lady. Don't you love your mom?"

"Yeah, she's the best. She and my brother are all I have," He explained with a small smile. I pouted for a quick second and awed. His face went red and he shooed me off but I laughed in return.

Lunch wasn't that bad. We didn't stay for such a long time, maybe an hour and a half at most, but it was still a great lunch. We learned a lot about each other, too, and we clicked. It was actually a nice feeling.

It wasn't long until we were paying, walking out the door, and on our way home.

"Thanks for lunch, I had a nice time," I said to him as he hummed some tune.

"It's no problem. I had a great time talking with you," Vic said. "You have an appointment tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah at 12:30 if you want to go. I was just going to go alone since Gabe will be at work and I'd be taking a half day."

"Oh, I can pick you up if you'd like. From home, I mean. I can pick you up from your house and bring you, then take you back." Vic fidgeted. We were out-front of my house now and I looked at him with wrinkled brows.

"Okay, that sounds good. Text me when you're on your way and I'll give you directions." Vic nodded and I smiled, thanking him one final time and walking inside.

Today wasn't too bad. Vic wasn't as bad either. He was actually pretty cool. I just hoped he was okay with all this. It kind of seems like he isn't ready but, then again, could anyone be?

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