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Four years later

"Baby," I moaned as Vic kissed my neck and ran his hands along my thighs. Our sex life hadn't stopped in the slightest; Vic was always just so eager and I hated that I had to stop him. "We have to get the kids,"

"What time is it?" He asked, detaching from me and checking the clock beside us.

"Time to go. I have an appointment, remember? Gotta pick the kids up early? They have to go to mom's after," I smiled. He nodded and we got up, starting our afternoon.

Life hadn't slowed down after we had the kids either. If anything, it got nine-hundred times faster. I mean, the kids were both four and in two different sports, Vic and I both had jobs, and Gabe was dating so he couldn't be around as much. My mom even did a lot of the cooking at home so I gave her a room just to keep me sane when she stayed for a while. Don't get me wrong, though, I loved the kids with all my heart. Vic and I were kickass parents anyway.

It didn't take long for us to pull up to the school. It also didn't take long for me to get out and collect them before heading immediately over to my appointment with Dr. Martin.

"Hey, you guys have to put on your inside voices, alright?" I hushed them as they walked hand in hand with Vic. They always clung to him when they got home from school. It was kind of cute.

"Yeah, guys. If you guys do good then we can get ice cream before Gram's." Vic promised. I hit him in the shoulder as he laughed and the kids cheered. Now we actually follow through with that shit.

"Dad, why are we going to gram's house tonight?" Adam asked as we sat there and waited.

"She's cooking us dinner tonight. Abuela is going to be there too, so is Uncle Mike," I explained.

"Uncle Mike is going?" Taylor asked, raising her tone. Vic shushed her a bit but nodded as she smiled widely and jumped up and down. "Uncle Mike is awesome!" Vic rolled his eyes. He was such a baby.

"Kellin?" A woman called from the door. I helped Adam get off my lap and kissed the kids as I got up to leave with the woman. She led me back to Dr. Martin's office where I met him with a smile.

"Good afternoon, Kellin! How is everything?"

"It's pretty hectic but amazing at the same time." I chuckled.

"Natural with a relatively new family. Well, I won't keep you guys waiting. If you just do your business quickly, I can have you out of here in twenty." He smiled and handed me the cup. I did just as told and waited for the results.

"Kellin," Dr. Martin sighed as he came in the room.

"What is it?"

"You're pregnant again."

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