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"I love you." That played in my head all morning. Even when I left Vic on the couch to go pee for the thousandth time and looked at my fucking humongous, now six-month pregnant stomach in the mirror for thirty minutes.

Vic loved me. We weren't even officially dating, but I loved him too. We'd only gone out on, like, ten dates and we loved each other? That was pretty unconventional. I mean, we were having kids and we weren't even dating.

I sighed and went back over to the living room where Vic was. I plopped down, as best I could, on the couch and leaned into him as he wrapped his arm around me and brought me closer.

"Are you okay?" He asked, kissing the top of my head. It was cute; he was cute.

"We're not dating." I whined but Vic chuckled.

"I know we're not, cutie,"

"It's lame,"

"You're lame. Our kids are going to be, like, two-hundred times cooler than you," He taunted.

"They'll be like two-hundred times taller than you," I retorted, insanely proud of my come back.

"That was a low blow and you know it, Kells." Vic pouted and turned away from me, but I smiled and reached up to bring his face towards mine.

"I was just kidding, you're incredibly handsome and tall," I comforted him. He proudly picked me up and brought me to my bedroom, laying me down and climbing into bed with me afterward.

"What are you doing?" I asked, getting a pillow to stuff under my hips to better support my lower back.

"I am going to love you by giving you cuddles and taking a nap with you because I'm sure you could use one," Vic explained as he turned me on my side and spooned me from behind. I moved towards him, pressing closer up against him as I bucked my lower half a bit. Vic grabbed hold of my hips and firmly held them in place.

"Stop that," He said into my ear. I blushed at the raspiness in his voice and scooted back a bit more. I felt like being risky, my hormones were all over the place and I wanted to get it going.

"Why?" I asked, turning around to him, with a bit of help.

"Just because you're horny doesn't mean I gotta be," Vic explained, running his hand down my thigh as he squeezed it a bit.

"Seems like you want to be." I motioned towards his hand that crept closer and closer to my crotch. Vic didn't say a word as he moved me closer to him, sitting up and putting me in his lap with, what seemed like, ease. He crashed his lips into mine as I gasped, nonetheless tangling my fingers in his perfectly curled hair.

Vic pushed his tongue into mine as I willingly let him do so. I grinded down onto him as he grabbed my ass and squeezed it. I chuckled as he detached from my lips and kissed along my neck and collarbone, leaving plenty of hickies in just the right spots.

"Come on, Vic," I breathlessly moaned. My body was on fire as he slowly, achingly slowly, trailed his fingers down to my boxers that were loose around my hips as I tried to squirm out of them.

"Eager," Vic sang into my ear, making me shiver.

"Hurry up then," I told him, grabbing his hand and directing it towards my growth. Vic smiled as he palmed me through the thin fabric, only for me to grind into his hand.

"Will this help?" He asked as he reached down into my boxers and pulled my length out, stroking it relatively quickly with a soft squeeze. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, nodding.

Vic pumped faster as his he spit on his hand and rubbed his thumb over my slit continuously.

"Faster," I breathed into his ear and arched my back as he did just that. Vic squeezed my member tightly as he pumped faster than before. It all felt so good and I doubted it could get any better until Vic reached down and licked the pre-cum from my tip and sucked softly.

"O-oh my god," I whined at the sensation and thrusted my hips into him. I breathed as he sucked hard, flicking his tongue on the slit of it all and I spilled into his mouth where he expertly swallowed and came up, smiling.

"I love you." I breathed and kissed Vic.

"I love you too, boyfriend." I blushed and chuckled. Things all fell into place.

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