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I woke up with an arm draped around my waist and a protective body behind me that held me in place.

I moved a bit, turning around and looking at Vic. He had, probably, been holding me all night after we decided for him to stay here. It was for the better; I wanted him to stay after all.

As I looked at him, I chuckled a bit. He looked like a complete goof. His hair was messily done and sprawled across his face, his mouth was agape as he breathed softly and his eyebrows were scrunched up to show expression of what he was most likely dreaming. It was something that I couldn't help but smile at, and that made my heart beat a little faster than it should've.

I reached out to touch his face, but he flinched and opened his eyes. I dropped my hand and looked at him with a small smile.

"Good morning," I said, sitting up.

"Good morning, how are you feeling?" He asked, sitting up with me, taking my hands in his again.

"You always ask that when you see me." I chuckled. "And you hold my hands a lot," I spoke in observation. I wasn't complaining in the slightest; I liked when he touched me.

"Sorry, I just like holding your hand." He smiled. "I also want to know how you're feeling because that means a lot to me, as well."

"What happened to the Vic that liked to fuck?" I asked sassily. He was a completely different person lately. He was a lot more caring, involved and comfortable now. I wasn't saying it was a bad thing, in fact, I liked how he was acting.

"Oh, he's still there. He's just taking a back seat for now." Vic smirked that sexy smirk of his and my heart fluttered a bit. Damn hormones.

"Good, I'll need him later," I said and Vic smiled and pulled me back down to lay with him. We spoke of little things that we were to do today, but I finally brought the subject of my mom up and he was a lot more composed about it all than I was.

"It really won't be that bad, babe." He sighed, running his hands through my hair. It was so soothing, but I had to question the pet name.

"Babe? What are we, dating now?" I asked with a chuckle.

"I hope so." He shrugged and looked down at me. I involuntarily blushed and looked away. "Why don't you go on a date with me sometime?" He finally asked. My heart sped up unexpectedly and it threw me for a loop.

"Kind of not ideal when I'm 2 months pregnant, Vic." I pointed out with, dumbly.

"Mm," He chuckled. "I think you wanna. You're just holding out on me. I'll ask a different time." Vic swooped down and kissed the top of my head and I swear I wanted to hit him right there and then, but, instead, I found myself doing something completely different.

I reached forward, grabbing hold of his shirt and crushed my lips with his. I caught him off guard as he moaned into my mouth, vibrating my lips as they moved in time with his feverishly. I remembered that night in the club as I kissed him. I remembered how sweet his lips tasted and how I wanted that taste again. Now that I finally had it, it was euphoric.

I pulled back in a huff and red cheeks as Vic looked at me with wide eyes.

"Is that a yes?" He asked as we both caught our breaths. I nodded and got up soon after.

"We should get going," I suggested, pulling Vic off the bed. "The appointment is soon and I still need to call my mom," I said, getting on my tippy toes and grazing my lips against his, but didn't do anything just yet.

"Wait for me here while I call." I pecked his lips as I felt his skin develop goose bumps.

I stepped out of the room and dialed my mom's phone number quickly. I hadn't spoken to her in a week and I felt bad about it so, hopefully, this would make up for it no matter the news.

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