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"Are you ready for your appointment today, or do I need to go with you?" Gabe asked as I sat in the break room to pass the time. He was in the fridge, mindlessly looking through it while I had about 10 minutes until I could leave and I didn't find the means to do any work right now.

"It's cool, Vic is taking me," Gabe slammed the door shut and walked over to me, sitting down so we were eye level.

"Taking you? Was this his idea or yours?" He studied me, but I rolled my eyes. He was so overdramatic; it was just a ride there and back. Besides, he knew Vic would be coming.

"Both. Now, get off his case. I'm pretty sure you have an actual case waiting in your office. That's literally your job." I groaned as I stood up and grabbed my phone off the table.

"I will be as intimidating towards him as I possibly can until he realizes that there is a lot riding on his decisions now. I want him to be weary of me and for you to be careful," He pointed out as he hugged me and exited the room. I couldn't help but frown, though.

Gabe was right, no matter how little I wanted to admit it. This was an actual thing that was going on. It wasn't like we just met and were thinking of having an actual child, we just met and are already having an actual child. It was serious and it was real and, to be honest, I don't know how I would handle it, let alone Vic.

With a huff, I left the building and, now, I had this dumb appointment. Usually, I looked forward to these but this time it'd be different. I drove home relatively quickly, too. I didn't have much downtime before Vic would come and take me but I had to drink some water beforehand so things would go smoothly.

"Speak of the devil," I said to myself as I heard the doorbell go off. I got to it as quickly as I could without intentionally hurting my feet and opened it, revealing Vic with flowers, again.

"Hey, Kellin. I got you these." He looked up, holding them out for me to take. I smiled and took them, inviting him in afterward.

"So, you ready?" He asked as I put my flowers in water and grabbed my jacket with a nod. We got in the car after I locked up and, soon, we were on our way to the doctors.

The car ride was pretty silent, but still comfortable. The radio was playing but I turned it down a bit to talk to Vic. He seemed anxious. I mean, his foot was bouncing at every red light and he didn't say a word to me.

"Are you alright?" I asked. He sighed.

"I'm just nervous. I mean, what if he says something? Haven't you been going to him for a while? Or what if, just, something bad happens?" I chuckled at his worry a bit. Wasn't I the one that should be this worried, anyway?

"Vic, okay, calm down. I doubt anything bad will happen. I mean, what could happen? We're just gonna go in there, do what we have to do and then we can go home. Like, to our homes, I mean. Not like the same home. Unless you want to stop by, that's fine; totally up to you." I stuttered but Vic just laughed at me.

"Now you're nervous!" He exclaimed, pulling into the parking lot.

"Yeah, okay, alright!" I retorted. "Gosh. Let's just go." I grunted and got out of the car, speed walking to the entrance of the building. Vic had to jog in order to catch up to me, but I simply walked right in, signing in and waiting.

"Alright, okay, I'm sorry. It'll go smoothly, I bet. Want to get some food after this?" He suggested as he sat down next to me. His leg was still bouncing and he was rubbing his hands in a way that made it obvious he was still nervous. I thought about it but decided to mess with Vic instead.

"Mm, I don't know. I've thrown up a lot more. Kind of an unhealthy amount. I'll ask Dr. Martin." I sighed. He looked at me with wide eyes. "And I've gotten like this numbing in my back, you know? Like, I can't feel anything. It's so weird, Vic. Maybe I have an infection or something? Maybe it's the baby? Man, who knows."

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