Striaight Rejection

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Chapter 1

It was almost dawn as I awoke to go on my morning run. The sensation of the wind through my fur was never ending, I loved it. I jumped out my window shifting in midair. I felt the cold grassy dew dense within my paws, feeling free I let Kenzy take over as we sprinted towards the forest. After what felt like running for days, We decided to turn back and run home. As I reached my window I shifted and ran towards the bathroom. I felt the cold water as it struck my back cooling me slowly.

"Oh no! First day at a new school as a senior"

Thoughts if worry and anticipation ran through my mind. I jumped out the shower and put on my ripped denim high waist shorts and homegirl tank top. I blow dried my hair and straitened it before grabbing my flats and walking down stairs. To my surprise I saw my brother jake waiting for me. I smiled at him as we walked out the door to his car. He had a Mercedes-Benz SLR and I swear if he was able he would marry the thing.... Literally.

"You ok Kacy" He snapped me out of my thoughts as I turned to him.

"Huh yeah I'm fine"

He gave me a puzzled look before turning his eyes back to the road. The rest of the ride was silent on the trip to school. I sat there fazed in my thoughts 'what if nobody likes me' 'what if I meet my mate and I am not good enough' suddenly the car door opened, I hadn't even realised we were there.. I looked up to see my brother at the door holding out his hand. Gladly I took it and stepped out into the open, immediately all eyes were on us. I shifted uncomfortably behind my brother who had a suppressing grin plastered on his face. He turned towards me and whispered

"there all looking at you sis" I blushed and his words but obviously I knew that it wasn't true.

Gathering up my courage I held my head high and walked towards the school. Wolf whistles came from all around, I looked about to see the girls scowling at me and the guys looking at me with lustful eyes. I walked alone as my brother trailed behind me in a protectful manner. I finally reached the office and shooed him off before going in. "Hi I'm kacy Scarlet I'm here to pick up my schedule" as I spoke a lady around her 20's looked at me with a reassuring smile. "Welcome Kacy here is your schedule, would you like me to call someone to show you around" I smiled at her offer but replied with "no thanks I think I'll be fine" she nodded and handed me the paper before gesturing me out the door.

The halls were silent as I stepped out, knowing I would be late for class didn't help because I hated being the centre of attention. As I looked down to see what classes I had it read..






Yay! maths first as much as I disliked school surprisingly I loved math. You could say I was a bit of a nerd when it came to maths but I didn't mind. I walked to the maths room slowly taking a breath as I walked in. The class stopped and starred at me but I quickly shook it off before Turning to the teacher. I could tell he was a werewolf by his scent and muscular build.

"Sorry I am late" he looked at me with an offering smile taking in what I had said.

"That's fine and who might you be young lady"

"Kacy scarlet" I replied with confidence in my voice.

"Well Kacy care to take a seat wherever you like and we will carry on" I nodded and looked around at the spare seats around the class. There were only 2 seats; one up the front by a girl and one down the back where guys were throwing around paper. I decided to sit up front so I wouldn't be disturbed. As I sat down I noticed the girl still didn't look up, Maybe she was shy.

"Hi" she muttered under her breath

"Hey" I replied

"So what's ur name?" I asked looking at her

"Autumn and why are you talking to me I'm the freak of the school"

I was shocked by her reply I mean she was beautiful, her hair was shoulder height wavy and strawberry blonde, her eyes sparkled blue and she was a perfect figure. But maybe this was what everyone had called her.. I thought different.

"Autumn you are beautiful, your not a freak you are just unique in your own way and I know we are gonna be the best of friends" I smiled looking down into her eyes.

"Thank you" she replied and that was how our friendship began.


The bell rang and everyone rushed out of class while I waited for autumn I saw my brother standing at the door with his friends.

"Hey sis" he said to me pulling me into a hug

"Hello what are you doing here" I rose my eyebrow at him in a confused manner

He laughed at my reply before saying "thought you might want to sit with someone at lunch" I smiled at his comment

"Can autumn come" I asked turning towards her

At first jake looked unsure but then he agreed and we walked to the cafeteria. When we sat down instantly the conversation was wether I was single or not. I just laughed and nodded my head before turning to a quiet autumn.

"You ok, you seem a little quiet" she looked up at me with a smile but replied though mind link.

'Im fine just not use to having a great friend like you'

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