8. 'Streetwise' Birdie

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February 23th, 1993


"Emoni? Emoni?" I tossed in my sleep, from the sound of Birdie's deep voice in my ear.

"Emoni?" he called out to me again, this time louder, and more husky.

I giggled, biting down on my lip, my eyes slowly opened and there he was on top of me, staring deep into my eyes. "What's wrong?" I questioned, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

"Nothing, I just gotta go handle some shit, and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me."

I sat up quickly, my eyes huge in shock. "Birdie I'm not going with you to sell drugs."

He put his eyes in his head. "No, not that. It's basketball business," he explained.

"Oh, well. Okay then," I shrugged. "Yeah, I'll go."

"Aight, I'll leave you to get dressed then," he pecked my lips, before rising up off of me, going out the door.

I watched him walk down the stairs, until I couldn't see him anymore, I smiled, before getting up out of bed, I grabbed my tooth brush, towel, rag, and my bar of soap before walking into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind me.

I turned the shower on, testing the water to make sure that it was perfect, before getting in, I turned on the stereo to max volume before, starting to wash my body down.

After I was finished I got out of the shower and dried my body off, I wrapped the towel around my body, before coming out of the bathroom. I sighed realizing that I got my hair wet, oh well, I shrugged, getting back in bed, laying in nothing but my towel.

I laid my head back, spreading my legs wide open, relaxing. A smoothing smile, grew across my face as my body sank into the soft, comfy bed spread. "Yo Emoni, you—-," Birdie's words trailed off as he spotted me on the bed.

I shut my legs quickly, sitting there frozen in my seat. "Damn," he said, looking at me biting his lip.

I blushed shyly, sitting up, scooting in the bed, until my back, touched the warm, metal frame. When I looked up, I was shocked to see him still standing there, but he wasn't staring at me in awe anymore, he was just staring slyly, rubbing the back of his head slowly.

My eyes got big in shock. "Hey," I said snapping my fingers towards him, catching his attention.

"Hmmm?" he questioned, awkwardly looking up at my face, his eyes damn near popping out of the sockets.

"What did you wan't?" I questioned, desperately trying to change the subject.

"Oh yeah, damn," he scratched the back of head, slowly and started looking around, like he forgot what he was gonna say. "I'm sorry boo, I didn't mean to walk in on you."

"Yeah, it's cool," I waved it off. "What's up?"

"I was just coming in here to see if you were ready to go yet?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm probably not gonna go with, I got my hair wet."

He kissed his teeth. "Come on baby, just put it in a ponytail or something," he suggested.

I scrunched my face up, taken back by his words. "Ew, no. It needs to be straightened."

"No it doesn't E. I love your curls."

I smiled at him. "Really?"

"Yeah," he smiled back. "There beautiful."

I blushed, but instead of looking away I kept my eyes on his dark, sparkly, brown ones. "Thanks, baby." I said.

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