13. What's the deal? Pt. 2

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Later that day...


I was pacing back and forth in the living home as I over heard Birdie's conversation on the phone in the next room. He was talking about what just happened, I heard him ending his phone call so I sat down on the couch gazing out the window. "You good?" he asked me as he came into the room.

"Yeah." I said, not even looking at him, I just kept my eyes on the night sky, avoiding any possible eye contact.

"What the fuck were you doing wandering around outside anyways?"

"I was getting something to snack on. Excuse the fuck out of me," I spat.

He sighed. "I told you to never walk alone Emoni."

"Well what was I supposed to do?! I don't have you with me!" I snapped turning to look at him.

"Well if yo ass would just fucking listen to me then we wouldn't be going through this shit!" he snapped back.

"Oh?! So now it's my fault that I almost got raped?!"

He sighed, running his hand down his face. "I didn't fucking say that," he said calming his tone.

"Whatever," I got up from off the couch, bumping past him.

I rolled my eyes as I felt his feet behind me. He grabbed my arm turning me back around to face him. "What?!" I shouted in his face.

"You gon stop fucking yelling at me!" he shouted back, getting in mine.

I bit down on my lip, looking into his big, watery eyes. I calmed myself down, letting out a sigh in realization that he wasn't gonna back up or let me go upstairs before I sat down and just talked to him about all this.

So I just gave in.

"Fine," I crossed my arms. "Talk."

"Let's go back into the living room," he reached out his hand for mine.

I hesitated screw facing him before slowly taking his hand. He led the way back over to the couch.

I sat down and he sat down next to me, I rolled my eyes as I impatiently waited for him to start talking. "I'm ready to listen. Talk to me Birdie. What's the deal with you and your brother?"

He sighed rubbing his hand back down his bald head. "My mama was a user in the past," he admitted. "But she stopped for us. We meant more to her than that."

He sighed before continuing, "Shep left us when he was 18 years old. Was supposed to go off and play basketball. But ended up being a sorry ass high school security guard," he laughed. "Can you believe that." he turned to me and said.

I said nothing keeping my eyes on his. He turned his head towards the window before he continued on. "Oh big Shep, mama's big fucking hero, mama's superstar. Became a fucking security guard."

"And we didn't get nothing. Not a phone call, not a single thing. Gave up on everything because his friend died."

"Mama really thought that he was coming back to save us or some shit," he chuckled out, slowly shaking his head.

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