9. My cup of tea

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February 30th, 1993


"Have a good night, Emoni."

"You too, Shawna." I untied my apron, walking from behind the counter.

I walked up to the counter and grabbed my check off of it, I ripped open the envelope, pulling out my check. My eyes scanned down the paper until they came across the numbers, "1, 4, & 3. I scoffed, crumbling the paper in my hands, I can't believe that this is all that I got.

How un-fucking, believable, I worked over 60 hours this week so how the hell do I only get 143 dollars. "Shawna!" I called out to her, as she was making her way out the front door.

She turned around to face me, with a look of confusion and annoyance, but I didn't care, I wanted to know where the fuck the rest of my money was. "Yes?" she responded as I walked out in front of her.

"What is this?"

"Um, what is what?" she questioned, throwing her purse over her shoulder.

"This," I said, putting the paper out in front of her face.

"Yeah? What about it?"

"What about it?', i mocked. "You only paid me for 16 hours."

"Oh yeah, budget cuts. That way we can save money." she said with a smile on her face.

"Fuck that, where's the rest of my money, Shawna?!" I said, raising my voice at her.

"Woah, calm down. That's not the last check that your gonna get," she laughed.

"Oh, yes it is because I quit."


"I fucking quit!" I snapped. "Y'all don't pay me enough for this."

"Welp," she shrugged. "Suit yourself." she turned to walk away from me, going out the door.

"Shawna give me my money," I demanded following after her.

She scoffed, turning back around to face me. "Did I stutter? Budget cuts."

"Give me my money or i'm suing your fried ass," I spat.

"Who you calling fried?" she said, taking offense.

"You! Give me my fucking money!"

"What is going on over here?" I quickly, turned my body to face Mia, the other store manager.

"She needs to give me my damn money!" I said.

"Shawna, what is she talking about?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

She put her eyes in her head, "Her check, budget cuts." she explained.

Mia sighed, slapping her hand to her forehead. "Yeah, I forgot to tell everyone about that. We had to cut something out recently."

I plained faced her. "So you chose our checks?"

"Yeah, I mean, it was either checks or food," she shrugged.

I scoffed, standing there in disbelief. "Checks or food? Okay, I need my money though." I stated, holding back anger.

"Well, we don't have it."

"Mmhm," I nodded. Before walking back behind the counter going up to the cash register.

"Wait? What are you doing?" I ignored her question, opening up the cash register.

"Emoni stop what your doing right now," Mia demanded.

"No, I wan't my fucking money, or i'm taking it from the cash register!" I said, raising my voice a bit.

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