23. So over 'Streetwise Birdie'

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June 9th, 1993
Harlem, New York


I woke up with my face buried into Birdie's chest. A moan of pleasure escaped my mouth due to Birdie still being fully inside me. I tapped his chest rapidly to wake him up, he opened his eyes up a quick second staring straight into mine.

"Baby, get off," I spoke staring back at him.

He mumbled something, his eyes still closed as he rolled off of me. I bit my lip with a bit of lust in my eyes taking a deep breath as he pulled himself out of me.

I took a minute to catch my breath before sitting up in the bed. I looked over my shoulder at Birdie he was knocked out with dried drool on his mouth.

He looked so peaceful as always.

I knew that he wouldn't feel like getting up out of bed today but he's supposed to be going up to Nic's school. Yeah, he wants to get somebody else on the team I guess something happened with one of the player's a couple weeks back and well, long story short he needs a new player. So I'm not gonna let him be late.

"Birdie! " I called out to him, but he didn't budge.

A low sigh escaped my mouth at my failed attempt to wake him. I moved closer to him placing my chin on his left shoulder. "Birdie wake up!" I semi-yelled into his ear.

His eyes popped open and he was staring right at me. I stared back into his sleepy eyes, making mine big indicating him to get up. I heard a low groan escape his mouth as he rolled the other way getting out of the bed.

I smiled at him before rolling back over, throwing the cover over the rest of my body. My eyes closed in relief as I felt the warmth of the cover embrace my skin. My peace was soon interrupted as the cover was pulled off of my naked body.

"What the hell?!" I spat as I quickly sat up in bed.

"You comin' with me." He said tossing some clothes at me.

I screw faced the back of him as he turned to dig in his dresser. "Um, no I'm not," I said throwing the clothes at the back of his head.

He sucked his teeth turning around to face me. "Why not?"

"Because I don't wanna be on the sideline while you play sergeant."

"You still on that." He said sounding annoyed.

"Yep, I'll always be on that." I mocked him, laying back down throwing the cover over my body.

"Aight Emoni. It's cool."

I rolled my eyes throwing the cover over my head annoyed by his voice as of right now. It wasn't a big deal I just wanted to relax especially after the night we had together. After a few minutes, I took the cover off my face and he was gone.

A low sigh escaped my open mouth as I stared at the doorway like someone was standing there.

I shook my head deciding not to get out of bed turning my body to the wall, closing my eyes and I was soon sleeping.

Later that night...

I woke up to see darkness, damn I was sleep that long. I yawned with a hand up to my mouth. "Birdie," I spoke out reaching over to his side of the bed.

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