17. Birthday blues Pt. 1

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May 5th, 1993
Two weeks later....

Brooklyn, New York

Efflie's Boutique

Efflie's Boutique

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"You ready baby? Let's go, I can't wait no more!" Birdie called to me from outside the door.

"I'm almost ready baby!" I took a deep breath as I looked at myself in the mirror.

Here I stood the tom boyish girl back in a dress. I ran my hands down my hips, checking myself out in the mirror. Even though I hate dresses I can't lie and say that I don't look good in this outfit.

I fluffed my straightened styled hair before, sliding on my high heels. "Baby you ready?" Birdie questioned again.

"Yeah. Here I come now." I smiled grabbing my purse before I walked out there.

I watched as Birdie's eye's lit up as he saw me. "Well? What do you think?" I questioned.

"Damn, you look amazing."

I giggled, blushing hotly. "Thanks."

"Your welcome baby, damn." he awed wrapping his arms around my waist. "You can pull anything off."

"You really like it?" I asked instantly finding myself feeling uncomfortable.

He kissed his teeth. "Yeah baby, you look beautiful," he assured me.

"It's a little tight but—-,"

"That's how it's supposed to fit," he chuckled.


"Come on baby let's get up out of here the team waiting."

"Oh? So I have to get all dolled up but you don't?"

"Dolled? I'm a whole ass nigga."

I playfully rolled my eyes. "You know what I mean, Birdie."

"Naw that ain't me," he waved his hand.

I scoffed. "This isn't me either, but here I am all dolled up for you so the least you could do is wear a suit or something," I suggested.

"A suit? Baby I don't got time for that shit."

"Come on baby," I whined. "It's just for one night, then you can go back to thuggish looking Birdie."

He stood there with a plain face, looking directly into my eyes I stood there doing the same, staring directly into his big gorgeous eyes, waiting so desperately for him to answer. He took a deep breath before responding, "Yeah."

"Yeah?" I questioned my body filled with excitement.

"Yeah, fuck it."

"Yay!" I squealed before jumping into his arms.

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