40. Meaningful

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July 16th, 1994


"Good morning little man," I spoke to my baby boy whilst leaning over his bassinet.

He smiled at me, his little movements are so cute. "You look just like your daddy," I said with a smile brewing on my face.

"How's, little man?" He questioned as I felt his arms wrap tightly around me.

"Finally sleeping." I giggled from the touch of his soft lips on my neck.

"Let me see him real quick." He moved from behind me to pick up little man.

I kissed my teeth. "Come on Birdie, I just got him to go to sleep," I complained.

"I know, I just wanna see him."

"Okay if he wakes up, you're rocking him back to sleep," I stated.

"Well do," he chuckled. His attention quickly went back to our baby boy that he was rocking soundly in his arms.

I smiled coming beside him. "My little man. He's perfect." He spoke.

"Just like his daddy." I smiled.

Birdie smiled at me before snaking his arm around me pulling me closer. "I love you." He said.

I turned to him tears quickly filling the brim of my eyes. "I-I l-love you too."

"Why you crying?"

"Because I don't wanna lose you. You can't go. I need you. We need you," I cried.

"Shhhh baby, I'm right here. Always will be." He said. Staring deep into my eyes.

I stared back into his believing everything he said. "I can't lose you," I stated.

He pulled me into his arms hugging me tightly. I let my head rest softly against his shoulder while hot tears poured from my eyes. His soft lips went to my forehead leaving a beautiful kiss on it, instantly calming me. "Look at me E." He demanded.

I slowly raised my head staring deep into his beautiful sparkly eyes. "I'm not going nowhere. You, me, and little man gonna be together forever, I promise. I'm witchu." He assured.

"I know." I nodded. "I know you're there..."

"Good." He lifted the baby up to his chest, with his other arm still snaked tightly around me.

I watched as he placed a soft kiss on his head. "My little man. Little Amaru..."

January 16th, 1994



I blinked a few times to see my Auntie and the doctor staring at me. "Huh?" I spoke.

"You're having a boy." Said the Doctor.

"You're having a boy Moni. Isn't that great?!" My auntie cheered with excitement.

I nodded, rubbing my belly. "Just like in the dream.," I mumbled to myself.

"Whatchu say?" My Auntie questioned.

"Oh, um, nothing. I was just thinking of names." I lied.

"Oooo any good ones?!" She squealed.

"Yeah, I know the perfect name." I smiled.

"Well, don't leave me hanging, what's the baby's name?"

I sighed, my eyes shifting to the doctor then back at my Auntie. "Nothing yet," I spoke.

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