20. Nobody's fool

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I stood there looking at him not knowing how to feel. If I should be mad or just confused I really don't know how to feel right now.

"Emoni? Whatchu doing here?" he spoke breaking the awkward silence and tension between us.

"What am I doing here? What the hell are you doing here? This is my auntie's house."

"Oh, I sell to her."

"You what?"

"He's here? Let him in moni."

"Yeah, let me in, moni." he teased.

I mean mugged him as I pushed the door back. It took everything in me to not knock the shit out of him before I pushed back on my heels.

He walked past me following behind my auntie. I crossed my arms watching as the two of them started talking. My mind was still racing with all types of thoughts and different reasons for him being here.

I forced myself to hold back thinking maybe I'm being a little dramatic? Or maybe I'm not?

I just need to talk to Birdie first.

"You got what I need, man?" she questioned scratching the side of her neck.

"You got my money?" he questioned back.

"Oh yeah, here." she frantically dug through her pockets pulling out some crumpled bills.

"I'm short 12 but I could make it worth your while?" she suggested trying to travel her hand down to his belt.

I rushed over there pushing her back as he did the same. "Auntie, what the hell are you doing?"

"What the hell are you doing? I'm tryna get my fix."

"You don't need your fix you need some fucking help. Come on Birdie." I grabbed his hand and pushed him into her bedroom and locked the door.

"Why the fuck you do that? She one of my best costumer's."

"What the fuck type of shit do you sell her?"

"Just some weed," he said to me as his eyes shifted.

"Birdie stop lying to me. What bulshit is she on?"

"Crack," he spoke just above a whisper.

"What?! How can you sell people that shit?!"

"Can you calm the fuck down. And because it sells for a lot of fuckin' money, feens go crazy for that shit."

"Did you fuck her, Birdie?"

"What? Hell naw. I just sell her ass weed and she always got money, she just started asking for crack recently, said she needed something stronger or some shit like that."

"Leave now," I demanded pointing to the door.

"E you can't tell her what to do she a grown ass woman."

"Okay, but that's my auntie and I'll be damned if I let her get doped up! Now leave Birdie!"

"What the fuck ever dude. But she ain't gon do nothin' but call me for more anyway," he said making a valid point.

I rolled my eyes looking around her room thinking of what to do. I gotta stop this shit now.

I came out of her room running down the stairs as fast as I could. "Wait where you going? I need my fix Birdie!" she screamed after him as he called to the door.

"Call me when you got some 'fix' money," he said before slamming the door.

"Shit!" she shouted in anger.

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