38. Don't think about it too much

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September 15th, 1993


"You gave my client a deactivated card before assaulting her."

I sat sluggishly in my chair with my lawyer seated next to me. Her lawyer was trying to rip into me but my mind wasn't even here to care about her opinion or what was happening. It's barely been two weeks since Birdie's death and it's been becoming harder and harder to except day by day. So I really couldn't care less about this dramatic ass girl's claims she can suck a dick.

"It wasn't, my boyfriend at the time deactivated the card later on." I shrugged.

"You really think I'm supposed to believe that?"

"I really don't care what you believe, your client hit me first," I stated.

"No, I didn't! You ran into my car and then punched me!" She snapped standing up from her chair.

I scoffed, crossing my arms over my chest. "Oh? So we're really gonna lie now?"

"I'm not lying!"

"Yes, you are!" I barked back. "And I had a witness..." I tried mumbling, but it was clear that I failed when her lawyer raised a brow my way.

"Had? What do you mean had?" She questioned.

I took a deep breath, before speaking. "I had a witness, but he passed recently."

"Now can we get to point your wasting my clients time, she's in a grieving stage right now." My lawyer argued.

"Ms. Collins. I really am sorry for your loss, I really am. But that has nothing to do with you assaulting my client, Ms. Sue Marks."

"I didn't assault her, I retaliated. But I might if she doesn't stop fucking lying." I threatened my gaze meeting hers.

She scoffed. "Was that a threat?"

"I don't make threats. I make promises, now stop fucking lying, I don't have time to be harassed by basic broke ass bitches when I just buried the love of my life."

I watched closely as her face softened. "I made it up." She admitted.

"What? Now Sue if your scared of this woman I can—."

"I'm not!" She shouted, clearly annoyed by her lawyer's interruption. "I hit her first after she offered me her business card. She was just defending herself against me."

My lawyer sat with a smirk on her face, her eyes were on Sue's lawyer now. "Now, this is settled." She spoke.

"No not quite." a similar smirk appeared on her face.

"What, how?" My lawyer questioned in annoyance.

"She still gave my client a card that didn't work,"

"Forget about it all, Samantha. It's cool." Sue spoke. Her eyes on mine.

"You gotta be kidding me," her lawyer complained.

My eyes got wide in shock when I felt Sue's grip on my wrist. Her hold forced me to look at her in confusion. "I'm so sorry for your loss." She said.

"I don't need your pity." I spat. I snatched my wrist from her, hurrying out the door. My lawyer Mya was right behind me also in a hurry.

"I'm sorry they wasted your time. I know it's hard." She spoke while we walked along the white tiled floor.

"No you don't know, and don't be sorry it's not your fault."

She nodded, I could tell my tone confused her while her eyes shifted but thankfully for her sake, her lips stayed sealed. I parted from her hearing the sound of Birdie's shoes made it worse. Yes I said Birdie's shoes, I haven't really been caring about my looks lately since his passing, it's been hard for me to really see that I'm pretty, I mean since I got really skinny I haven't felt like myself but Birdie was helping me love it.

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