chapter fourteen

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Sunday 6:11pm

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Sunday 6:11pm

hoseok: you sure?

hoseok: you did tell me that she was quite the bully

you: she is if she wants to be

you: i guess it's a skill of hers to be able to make people dislike themselves and their capability

hoseok: she's not talented at all then ƪ˘)ʃ

you: yikes that was shady

hoseok: my apologies to your sister

hoseok: but you should also stand up for yourself once in a while you know, it's not too hard to tell her to stop

you: easier said than done, pal

you: she'll take my words as a threat and even cause even more problems, and that is why i don't do anything back to her

you: it's better

hoseok: no it's not

hoseok: don't just let her run over you like that

hoseok: you aren't something to be taken lightlyor for granted

hoseok: soooo hyejin, i have told you a few times and i won't ever stop telling you this again

you: you told me a lot of things

hoseok: you're so precious wtf

hoseok: talking about you, i want you to answer me honestly about something

you: okay

hoseok: were there scars under your arm or did i grab something weird that wasn't your hand

you: you mean from the first time we met?

you: yes they were scars, from cuts

hoseok: i don't want to be nosy or insensitive but, are you still cutting?

you: no

you: it's been about a month since my last relapse

you: i'm doing well now

hoseok: that's good, stay strong okay

hoseok: i'm here for you if you need to ever talk or vent it out okay, i'll even pick up your call or so

you: thank you, but i don't want to take up too much of your time so i'll stick to texting

hoseok: caLL mE

you: pardon

hoseok: imeanitsyourchoicebutwhatever

you: imgonnagomakedinnernowbye

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