chapter twenty two

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Thursday 5:01pm

hoseok: i think i'm coming back to seoul earlier than i think i am, you want to hang out maybe? :-)))

you: woah woah woAH

hoseok: yes i know, it's exciting isn't it?

you: hoLd oN

you: when exactly are you coming?

hoseok: mmm maybe by saturday

you: wow that's like two days wow

hoseok: yeah i know

hoseok: isn't it great?? we can meet again (ˇˇ)

you: yeahhh

hoseok: so can you make it by tomorrow night?

you: give me a min

hoseok: take your time sweetie

hoseok: sweetly*

hoseok: takE yOUR TIME SWEETLY aHAh

Thursday 5:04pm

you: whaaaaaat do you mean ¿? 😂 ☺️

hyukbin: a date

hyukbin: with me

hyukbin: tomorrow

hyukbin: heh

you: are you serious or joking

hyukbin: if you say yes i'm serious if you say no i'm joking

you: wow um

you: i don't know

hyukbin: no pressure, take your time... well at least until tomorrow of course ahahaha

you: oh crap

you: tomorrow...

you: see i have this project to do tomorrow :(

hyukbin: wait

hyukbin: what

you: yeah...

you: i'm sorry :((((

hyukbin: oh, that's okay hahaH

hyukbin: i mean we can still see each other at school amirite ;o

you: yeah hahah

you: you okay?

hyukbin: yeah i'm fine

you: sorrryyyyy

hyukbin: it's okaaaayyyy

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