chapter twenty seven

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Friday 7:03pm

hoseok: you're an angel

you: i'm a what

hoseok: angle

hoseok: you're an angle i mean HaHSGSHSGZAH

you: cool

hoseok: um so, we're not hanging out anymore i guess?

Third POV of the girls

"God dangit my battery." Hyejin spoke under her breath as she looked down at her phone.

[55 mins before meeting him]

"Oh no, I forgot my charger too. You wanna use my phone?" Ara insisted on sharing her phone with Hyejin.

"No no, it's okay. I'll just wait till I go home." Hyejin says as she continues eating her food that she had left untouched a few minutes ago.

After eating, they both took a bus to the Han River, somehow it took a while to get there with all the sudden traffic.

"Stupid traffic, I thought we would at least be there by 9!" Ara seemed to be a little pissed off.

"Are you in a rush for something?"

"Well..I was supposed to go to my boyfriend's house. But I didn't want to just go so early without knowing that you okay or not okay."


"Yeah I know, I'm a bad fri-"

"Thank you."

They both smiled at each other, talking a bit more about what happened to Jisoo to how Ara got a boyfriend. Even if they didn't have much to talk about, all they wanted to last was conversation.

Alas, they've reached the stopped they had been yearning for. They stepped out of the bus, and instead of walking and talking like they planned to do. They sat down on a bench near the river. Staring at the stars, matching up constellations and then Ara had to go after a few minutes.

"I am so so sorry Hyejin, I'll promise to text you later okay? Just call me."

"Okay. Have fun..with your..boyfriend." Hyejin dragged off her words softly as Ara ran back to the bus stop.

"What to do..what to do.."

Her phone was out of battery, Ara had left, Hyejin was sitting on a bench until someone else sat there too.


After the arcade, we went to Japanese restaurant down the road, I think it was popular for it's udon noodles or something.

The food was good, the crowd was big, we ended up being mobbed but at least we could escape. Jungkook was apparently in charge of the driving, at least he was better than Namjoon.

"What are we even going to do at a river?"

"We could swim." Yoongi answered monotonously, I wasn't sure if he meant it or not.

"We could have a small picnic since we didn't even get to finish our food." Namjoon replied, with a more sensible answer.

"Okay! Let's go do that." Jimin excitedly said, as he started touching Taehyung's lap for no good reason.

"Don't touch me weirdo." Ironic that Taehyung said that.

After a while, we got to the place and started walking to find a spot to place our mats on. Jin started complaining about how we didn't buy enough drinks, Yoongi was sleeping on Jimin, while Taehyung and Namjoon were playing a game on their phones and Jungkook was missing. Great.

"I'm just going to take a walk along the river for a bit, don't miss me too much guys."


After Ara left, the bench felt as lonely as I did. Until someone came sitting down on the other end of the wooden bench. I didn't look at first, didn't want to seem like a creep trying to find out who was sitting beside me.

"Hyejin? Hey!" It sounded like a man.

Then I turned to see it was,

"Hyukbin..oh my god hi. What are you doing here?"

"I usually come here after my swimming sessions at a nearby pool, but my friends ditched me and went home instead."

"Oh, but hey I'm here. Alive, yeah I'm here."

He laughed, covering his mouth while I could see his eyes turning into crescents. I could see a little mole at the corner of his left eye, maybe this was the first time seeing it since I was so close to him right now.

"So uh what are you doing here?"

"I..don't exactly know, this wasn't my idea. Ara thought of this at first but then she had to rush off somewhere so yeah."

"Oh, I see."

"Did anything happen yesterday? You weren't replying to my message and didn't come to school."

"I-It's kind of hard to tell you this.. I'm not sure if I'd wanna tell you."

"You can tell me anything."

" into a car accident."


i am calling upon for my death. please don't be upset lol, this is how i think the story should go as. from expectation, it doesn't always go that way. it's just reality.

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