Kai X Reader: Personalities (Part one)

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You fell to the ground, your legs and arms trembling. Painful gasps passed your throat and filled your lungs. Locks of your h/l, h/c hair clung to your neck with sweat dripping down your skin.

"Do you think exhausting yourself will stop me?" A voice asked darkly in your head.

You grit my teeth. Lord Garmadon was the cause of this, he was the reason that you have to do this.

"It's stopped you in the past." You grit out.

A crackling laugh stung your ears.

"You're so pathetic! Thinking that a little exhaustion will stop me the second you drop your guard just shows how stupid you are!"

"I'm not stupid!" You snapped, slamming your fists against your temples.


You gasped, whipping around to find Kai staring at you, his eyes flickering with concern and curiosity.

"You alright?" He asked, coming over to kneel beside you.

You swallowed, praying that your cheeks weren't as red as they felt.

"I-I'm fine." You mumbled, turning away from him. "Just a little tired."

He sighed, shaking his head, his dark red hair flaring around his forehead.

"Y/N, I know you're more than 'just a little tired', you're exhausted."

Defeated, you nodded your head, playing with your shirt.

"Yeah..." You mumbled. Suddenly, you were lifted into the air, a squeal burning your throat. On instinct, you threw your arms around his neck, which was now only inches away from your lips.

"K-Kai!? What are you d-doing?!" You squeaked as he made his way back to camp with you in his arms.

"I'm not letting you walk when you're so tired. You need to rest. I'll tell the others you're asleep and bring you dinner later." He explained, slipping inside your tent. He gently placed you onto your futon. "Do you need anything?"

Right on cue, a dry cough racked your body.

"Water please?" You asked, your voice scratchy.

He smiled and nodded, your cheeks taking on a new tint as he made his way out of the tent. You curled up inside the futon, pulling the covers up to your nose. Your eyelids began to betray you, growing heavy. Your hair flared when you shook your head, trying to clear the sleepiness. Just then, Kai re-entered a cup of water in his hands. He handed it to you.

"Don't choke alright?" He chuckled as you guzzled down the cool liquid.

You gasped in relief. Wiping your mouth you gave the cup back to Kai. Kai was the first ninja you had befriended when they saved you after Garmadon used you to test his weird black powder stuff, saying that Nya was a failed experiment. You were cured....but only halfway.

A part of your evil counterpart resided in you, your guess a side-effect from the powder that Nya was lucky to not obtain.

"Thank you, Kai." You smiled.

He returned the grin, placing the cup by the zipper of the tent and settling in next to you. Your brows rose.

"Kai what are you--"

"You need to sleep." He interrupted.

Surprised, you shook your head.

"I'm fine." You said, stifling the yawn.

He chuckled and shook his head. He placed his hand on your shoulder, pushing you down.

"He's lucky I'm not out or I would have chopped his hand off ." The voice growled in your head as it pressed into the pillow behind you.

You grimaced.

"I'm not stupid Y/N." He said, resting his cheek against his palm. "You're exhausting yourself, and also, I'm not the only one who hears you whimpering in your sleep."

Your cheeks flared into a strawberry red.

"O-Oh." You squeaked.

He pulled the cover from your face, knocking your forehead with a bent finger.

"I'll stay here until you fall asleep, just to make sure you don't try and force yourself to do useless training." He said, getting comfortable.

You swallowed, snuggling into the blankets and allowing your eyes to close, fading into an uncomfortable sleep.

Kai's Pov

He watched you sleep, your h/c hair scattered on the pillow, your pink lips gently parted. He tensed when you whimpered in your sleep, scooting towards him and snuggling. His cheeks tinted as he stared down at you. Hesitantly, he snuck his hand to the back of your head, tangling his fingers into your hair. You whimpered again, curling further into his chest.

"no....." You mumbled. "don't hurt them... won't let you hurt them...."

He blinked. Who was she talking to?

"no.....stop it....not Kai....." You whimpered.



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