LloydXReader: The Dark

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The sun-scorched your neck as you and Kai fought in the training grounds, sweat painting your s/c neck and forehead. You twisted your body, dragging your foot swiftly across the ground, snagging Kai's legs and knocking them from underneath him. Taken by surprise, he fell, only to regain his balance.

He shifted into an attack position, charging and leaping, whipping his body around, and nearly connecting his foot to your side. You ducked, rising to tackle him to the ground suddenly. You both wrestled, grunting and groaning.

With a thud, you ended on the bottom, Kai holding your wrists above your head, straddling your hips. He smirked.

"I win." He said.

You growled, squirming.

"Get off, Kai, you're fat!" You wheezed.

He gasped, placing a hand on his heart.

"You wound me Y/N!" He said dramatically. "I am nothing but muscle."

"Then get off!" You squirmed beneath him as he laughed.

"Kai, get off of Y/N." Lloyd's voice came from nearby.

You went still, and your face flushed red as you turned to look at the blonde-haired ninja, leaning against the door, his arms crossed. You swallowed.

Kai shrugged, releasing your hands and standing, reaching out a hand for you to take. Mumbling thanks, you took it, brushing dirt from your clothing when you stood on your own two feet.

"Thanks, Lloyd." You said, giving a small smile to the green ninja.

He merely stared at you, turning his head away after some time.

"Yeah." He said, heading inside.

Your smile fell.

"Don't worry, Y/N," Kai said, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. "He's just....well...."

"Heartbroken and betrayed." I finished.

"Yeah...." Kai sighed.

You matched his sigh. Before the battle, Lloyd was so sweet and loving. Now, since Harumi....he's just cold and closed off. It hurt.

"Is there something I can do to help him?" You asked as you and Kai stepped into the dojo.

"He needs time." Sensei Wu's voice came. "The best we can do is be by his side and give him any comfort he needs."

You nodded, saddened. Kai rubbed your shoulder comfortingly, guiding you towards the living room where Jay and Cole played video games. Jay whined when he died to Cole, Lloyd, and Nya sitting together on a couch. You and Kai took the other one. Before you could sit, Kai grabbed your waist, making you squeal when he lifted you and placed you on his lap. You squirmed.

"Just stay still, Y/N." He whispered, staring at the screen.

You huffed and crossed your arms, leaning against his chest. Your eyes glanced towards Lloyd, blushing to find him staring straight at you, almost unblinkingly. You swallowed. Kai noticed too. You tensed when he buried his nose in your h/c hair, breathing deeply before laying a kiss on your head.

"Kai...what are you doing?" You asked.

He didn't answer but dragged his hand through your hair. He kissed your ear. A shiver chilled your skin, and you squirmed.


Lightbulbs from nearby lamps burst, showering everyone in the glass. You and Nya screamed at the sudden pops, staring at Lloyd. His hands were tight in fists, his eyes unreadable.

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