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If you want to give a request you must add specifics:

Such as:

- Y/N's personality.

- The character you want (Kai, Cole, Jay, etc.)

-Scenario (highschool, ninja, ghost or other)

-What is the Character? Is he a: stalker, a crush, a friend, etc.

-Will the Character you choose be: human, demon etc and does Y/N know? Or, is Y/N different and does the Character know?

I will not do anything heavily sexual,(Like sex or the like) but I will do steamy scenes. I'm thinking about gay/lesbian ships I'm not entirely sure, I will post if I allow them.

I apologize in advance if: your request does not turn out how you want, I forgot important details, your request is late, or if I am unable to do your request. If the story does not have a user's name above it, it will be one of my own.

Thank you and hope to hear you soon!

I apologize in advance if I all of the sudden refuse to do requests. I am very new at this so please be kind.

ALSO, I haven't seen Ninjago in a while, my brothers finished it not too long after I made this book, and it's been a while. So Ninja Elements are going to be taken off the list, because I honestly suck at them, and I forgot a lot about them, so they are taken off. I'm sorry, but it is for the best. 



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