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She combed her fingers through her hair, loving the silk touch of her h/c strands falling through her fingertips, oblivious to the boy staring intensely at her from across the room.

Cole nudged him, catching his attention.

"Dude, you've been staring at her since the beginning of class. Just go talk to her."

He shook his head, turned back towards the young, beautiful girl. She was supposedly a nobody, just another face in the crowd. But she was too oblivious to know that that was a lie. Every boy, let it be freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior knew about her, especially for her looks. Her body could make Aphrodite jealous, her e/c doe eyes would make a fawn's look small, and her hair, from a friend, he heard was so soft it felt literally like silk.

He sighed sharply, even in middle school she was popular and she didn't even know it, too busy with either a book or studying or just hanging out with her friends. Guys never asked her out because her friends were some of the delinquents of the school and were extremely protective of her.

"Seriously Kai, if you don't go talk to her, I will," Cole growled, leaning back in his chair. 

Before Kai could speak a retort, the bell rang, signalizing the end of class.

"Alright kids, remember, partners, are going to be announced tomorrow!" The teacher said as kids scrambled to pack and bolt.

Kai sighed and shoved his notebook into his backpack, not bothering to ask Zane for notes, since he was the only one who took them. He followed Cole out of the classroom, his eyes immediately finding the small h/c  haired girl among the swarms of other teenagers. She giggled as her friend laughed beside her, wrapping her arm around her. He sighed, wishing that he was the one giving her the embrace. Cole nudged his shoulder. 

"If you want, I'm friends with one of her's, I could ask him to hook you guys up?" He asked.

Kai rolled his eyes.

"Dude, I would be surprised if you got past Nya." Kai scoffed.

Nya was his younger sister and Y/N's most loyal friend. They told each other everything, and he meant everything. They had known each other since elementary when Y/N first became popular. Nya confessed to her after a year that her original reason was to gain attention but had grown loyal in the first few weeks of them hanging out. Y/N didn't even seem offended and had wanted to continue their relationship as loyal friends. Her other friends, you didn't want to get on their bad side. Apparently, according to rumor, they saved her from some pervert and had hung out ever since then, welcoming her into their little gang when she stood up for them in court when one of them was accused of murder.

Again, Kai was nudged in the shoulder. This time, it was Zane, jerking his head towards the young girl. He looked towards her, noticing that a guy had manned up and was talking to her, of course under the watchful eye of her friends. She and he walked away after she said something to her gang, which made them nod reluctantly. She and he disappeared.

"I'm picking up bad readings about that boy. You should go check it out." Zane said, his eyes staring holes where Y/N and the boy had disappeared, his voice hinting robotic. 

Zane was an android that his father had built, given to Kai for his seventeenth birthday. He guesses that he's some type of bodyguard.  

Kai nodded, making his way over. Nerves poked at him when he realized that the small, dimly lit hallway where they had disappeared into led towards the back of the school. Very few students, even teachers went back there, and the rumor that a love-sick dude killed his crush just because she didn't like him doesn't help its reputation. Kai made his way back, clenching his fists. That boy better not do anything to Y/N or so help--

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