New student

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At class

Yaya:"good morning Ying and Fang"

Ying:"good morning,Yaya!"

Fang:"morning to you too,Yaya"

Gopal arrived at class and walks into the classroom while greeting all his friends

Gopal:"hey everyone!,good morning"

Yaya,Ying&Fang greeted him back:"good morning, Gopal"

Gopal:*go to his seat behind Ying......"guys do you know?there's a new student in our school today"

Yaya:"a new student?"


Fang:"hmm...really?"*raising his eyebrows

Gopal:"yeah,I saw the new student while I'm pasing by the teachers room and something caught my attention to him"

Fang:"what is it,Gopal?"*curious to know

Gopal:"I don't know if I'm seeing things but the new students look a bit like him...I mean him that is Boboiboy"*whisper quietly

Yaya:"why did you mean by that?"

Ying:"yalo, how could it be"

Gopal:"I'm just saying not that I believe it but he has strange hair colour,thought"

Fang:"what do you mean by strange hair colour?"

Gopal:"well...Ahhh,he has white hair all over his head with a blake strake"(I don't know the name of it)

Fang:"white hair? So-"

Before he could finish his talking,the teacher enters the room.Making everyone quickly ran towards their own seats.As the man walk in,he was wearing a masquered mask,blue glasses,light blue shirt with a yellow tie to match it and wore brown pants completed with a golden letter 'P' belt around his waist . Known as Teacher of justice for short Teacher Papa.

Yaya:"attention everyone..*stand up from her seat "good morning,Teacher Papa!"

Everyone followed Yaya's order and stand up from their seats to greeted the teacher:"good morning Teacher Papa!"

Teacher Papa:"good morning too,my students of justice!.....Please sit down"

Yaya:"thank you,Teacher Papa"

After thanked the teacher and then all of them sit back in their respective places

Teacher Papa:"my students please pay attention...I have something to say..."

Everybody quite down and try to listen what the teacher wanted to say

Teacher Papa:"good.Cause today we will be having a new student joining in our class...So please be friendly ok?"

All of them:"ok Teacher Papa!"

After Teacher Papa said that there will be a new student,all of them was curious about the new student.

"a new student?"


"I hope the new student is a boy"

"yeah and handsome too,hehe"


Teacher Papa:"now,now let's quiet down for a bit and lets welcome our new classmate....Ok,you may come in now"


So how was it for the first chapter???

I know its quite short for the first one but I'll try my very best make it long
This is my first story here so probably the plot will be a bit messy:)
I'll see you at the next chapter!

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