He's Back

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At school-class

Gopal:"where's Khai?"

Fang:"not here yet,why ask?"

Gopal:"nothing just I'm still thinking about his father I mean yesterday at his place"

Yaya:"to think of it,me too that name its familiar to me like I've heard it"*still thinking about it


All of them are thinking about the name of Khai's father. Suddenly, realization hit Gopal.

Gopal:"w-wait m-maybe it's him"*shuttered


Gopal:"I-I mean "him"*still shuttered

Fang:"just say it out, who?"*impatient

Gopal:"what I said before is maybe Khai's father is him the one that we faught with two years ago"

Yaya, Ying and Fang feels the same way, they also think that the father of Khai must be him but they think of it maybe it's not him, maybe someone else with the same name as him. They thought

Fang:"that's impossible, your talking nonsense. Maybe is someone else with the same name"

Yaya&Ying:"yeah"*agreed with fang

Gopal:"I know but I just feel it's him maybe he survived or something"

Yaya:"if true he's still alive then why he isn't here right now trying to destroyed us?but I'm sure he wouldnt survive again"

Ying:"yalo, but that time he's dead for sure together with bo-*suddenly stopped talking

Fang,Yaya and Gopal knew what Ying's trying to say before but they couldn't help by remembering the past.


Fang:"it's nothing we know"

Gopal:"well then if it's true that the Bora ra is here at Pulau Rintis let's make sure to be ready for a fight "

Fang:"yeah, and I want to make sure if the Bora ra your talking about is alive or not by meeting Khai's father when the time comes and don't talk about this to Reverse"

Reverse:"what are you guys talking about?"*suddenly appeared

Gopal:"ahh!! w-when did you got here?don't scare us like that"*shocked

Reverse:"just now and what were you talking about before?"


Reverse:"well if you say so, then I'll be at my seat then"*walks to his seat

time skip to school ended

At Tok's Aba places

Tok Aba:"what would you like?"

Gopal:"I want one special hot chocolate please, hehe"

Tok Aba:"hmm...Got it, then you three?"

Yaya, Ying &Fang :"we have the same too"

Tok Aba:"special hot chocolate coming right up"*started to make it

Gopal:"hey, ochobot do you think Bora ra survive again?"

Ochobot:"why do you ask? "

Gopal:"well our new friend Khai,we visit his house yesterday well not house but a mansion then while we're there. We ask his father's name then he said his name was Bora ra.. Do you think it's him?"

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