Lost Memories

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At Captain Kaizo's ship

The gang are now currently standing outside the medical room waiting for the results of Boboiboy's conditions.

Yaya:"I hope he's ok"*worried

Ying:"don't worry Yaya, Boboiboy will be fine"*comfort Yaya

Then suddenly,the medical room's door open revealing Ochobot and Commander Koko Chi.

The gang quickly ask them about Boboiboy's conditions.

Ying:"is Boboiboy okay?!"

Yaya:"how is he??!!"

Gopal:"is he gonna be alright?!?"

Fang:"can we see him Ochobot?!"

Ochobot:"guys calm down for a second...Boboiboy is alright don't worry to much....but-"

Commander Koko Chi:"we have good news and bad news"

Gopal:"huh? What's with the bad news?!"

All of them except Gopal sweat drop.

Commander Koko Chi:*cough "like I said we have good and bad news... Which one do you wanna hear first?"

Yaya:"the good one"

Commander Koko Chi:"the good news is Boboiboy is alright and resting now inside the medical room"

When they heard about the good news all of them feel relief that he's alright. Although,all of them want to know about the bad news too but shrugs it off. But then Fang speak...

Fang:"what about the bad news?"

Gopal:*look at Fang "you really ruined the moment here Fang"

Fang:"eh? I just wanna know"

Ying:"well we also wanna know too then what about the bad news Ochobot??"

Ochobot got quiet for a second but decided to tell them.

Ochobot:"Boboiboy he....




.... He's in coma"

The gang was shocked.

Gopal:"what did you mean that he's in coma?!!! Lahap just knocked his heads when he split into three!!!"

Ochobot:*sweatdrop* "thats not the cause of the coma Gopal"

Fang:"then what is it?"

Ochobot:"I think the cause of him being in a coma is because of Boboiboy being sealed in the tube for who knows how long and....."*hesitate to continue

Yaya:"hmmm??? And what Ochobot"

Ochobot:"...... And I've noticed something.....that his power watch is not on his wrists"

Fang:"his power watch is gone?? How could that be??"

Gopal:"hmm... I've recall something,when he first enter school he didn't wear any watch and...when Bora ra was back he say something about the watch....ummm what was it?."*doing a thinking post

Ying:*trying to remember "I think Gopal is right since he enter school he didn't wear any watch and when we discovered that Reverse was him"

Yaya:"wait... Isn't it that if we didn't wear the power watch we couldn't use/active our powers, right Ochobot?"*looking at Ochobot

Ochobot:"yes, but how could he use his powers back then... You said he didn't wear them"

Fang:"yea he didn't"

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