Welcome Back[End]

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Boboiboy P.O.V

I locked the door, put the keys in my pocket and went to Tok Aba's coco stan. As I'm on my way there, I suddenly heard a loud sound, it sounded like a boom. The sound came from the direction I was going to.

My eyes widden. I quickly rush over there to see what happened.




I was shocked, the place was a total disaster. I searched for Tok Aba, hoping he didn't got hurt, I turn to my right and spotted him. I headed there.

"TOK ABA!!!"I shouted to him. He heard and surprised to see me, including the people there too.

Ochobot:" Ehhh??! Boboiboy?!?"

Tok Aba:"Why are you doing here?! And since when did I allowed you to go out?"

"Hahaha" I just laughed awkwardly as a replay. Well it's true,he didn't allowed me to go out that's why he was a bit angry.

Boboiboy:"sorry about that. Are you hurt??". I asked about his conditions. He shaked his head and said No. I sighed in relief, then.

Person 1:"Boboiboy is that you?!"

Person 2:"it's boboiboy!"

Person 3:"didn't you died?!"

And some other people asked about me.

Boboiboy:"y-yeah and no, I'll answer the other questions later". I sweat drop.

Tok Aba:"boboiboy you-".before he could speak I cut him.

Boboiboy:"where are the others?"I asked while searching around.

Tok Aba:"others? Who?".He was confused. Even ochobot too. I didn't tell them about I remembered so that's why they confused.

Boboiboy:*sigh "I meant them, fang, yaya,ying and gopal. My friends, where are they?"

Ochobot:"wait...don't tell me you...remember?!"he shouted the last part.Ochobot was the first to noticed that I've remember. I smiled.

Boboiboy:"of course, if I didn't why did I asked?"

Tok Aba:"you remembered everything...?"

Boboiboy:"yeah"I smiled. Then, Tok Aba pulled me into a hug following with ochobot. I realized that I was searching for my friends. I released the hug and quickly asked the both of them.

Boboiboy:"Tok, ochobot! Where's my friends?!"

Ochobot:"they're fighting with Bora ra,you need to help them"

"It's him"I curse under my breath when he said his name.

Boboiboy:"where is him?"I said it with anger.

Ochobot pointed where they were fighting, I look over and saw him. I widden my eyes, some of them we're unconscious.I saw him with my other friend,Fang. He was about to attack him. I run to there and turn to one of my elementals.

(he knew he didn't have a watch anymore cause his powers are inside him,he still can use it by using it like he had a watch except doing the post,just telling you._(:3 」∠)_)

"EARTH BARRIER!!!!" I shouted as the dirt form into a barrier to blocked his attack.

"Sorry for coming here late, Fang" I smiled to him.

Fang P.O.V

I open my eyes to see him. I was shocked but happy at the same time.

Fang:"Boboiboy...? Is that you?"

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