Flashback prt.2

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All of them failed to save Bbb and was badly injured by Bora ra

Bora ra:"hmph,pathetic!...Don't over think of yourself that you could stop me!! If you think you all can destroy me then better you save your friend here,huh?!cause he will die with me!! Forget about it!....Now,how about saying "Goodbye" to your friend here aye??,hahaha!!"


The others:*went silent and could only see tears falling

Yaya:"no Boboiboy.... *cried... " it's my fault that I couldn't save him....*sob..sob..

Fang:"it's not your fault Yaya, don't blame all it on you it's all Bora ra's fault"

Ying:"*hug yaya....." iyalo... It's not your fault but Bora ra tu"

Gopal:"umm... But-"

Fang:*step on Gopal's foot

Gopal:*silent scream.... "what you that for huh, Fang?!

Fang:*stared at him with a deadly look on his eyes

Gopal:*went silence

Ochobot:*cried... (I don't know how robots cry but just imagine it)... "Boboiboy....*with a sad tone

They all accompany Ochobot as they cried thinking about what just happened

All of them were quiet and can't even believe with their own eyes that BBB was gone forever don't even know where is he now. Hoping it was only a nightmare a very terrifying nightmare to them, and if something or someone mention "him" all of them will remembered the day where their lost their best friend thinking that he was dead

End of flashback

And that "day" was most an unforgettable day ever

Everyone faces were sad just by thinking of their "hero" and "friend"

Reverse:"ahh forget about what I said before... Can we continue our class now?"

°With that Reverse manage to break the silent atmosphere in the classroom making them comeback to reality°

Teacher Papa:*realise himself... "ughhh... Oh ya right!... Let's begin our class now... And for that I've got a suprise for all of you"

Everyone snapped from the long silent after Teacher Papa said to them about a suprise

Ying:"suprise?"...*asked curiously

Yaya:"what is the suprise Teacher?"

Gopal:"a suprise?"

Teacher Papa:"ahh guess,guess?come on"

Gopal:"uhhh...Oh! I know,I know!"

Teacher Papa:"what is the surprise then say it"

Gopal:" is it that you let us eat in class from now on???"...*asking a ridiculous question

Teacher Papa:"bravo! my student,how do you know what's the suprise is?"

Gopal:"eh?really,Im right!?...You-"

Teacher Papa:"OF COURSE NOT!!!"....And what kind of a question is that!?*scream in front of Gopal at his table

Fang:"so whats the suprise then??"

Teacher Papa:"do you want to know??..You sure won't regreet it rightt????"

Ying:"haiya,just say it...We all want to know"

Teacher Papa:"really?then don't regreet for asking...The suprise isssssssssssss aaaaaaa"*saying it with a very long way that make them impatient

Yaya:"Teacher,just say it straight don't make us wait longer,we are curious about it"

Everyone:"yea,don't make us wait!"

Teacher Papa:"hehehe sorry got a little over board...ok as I was saying before the suprise issss"

Some of them *gulph* and others can't wait to know what the suprise is that make them hitting their table like a drum and Teacher Papa's face has this huge smile on it as he about to say it

Teacher Papa:"today you'll be having a Math Test!!!!!Hahahaha!!!Horay!!!....*said happily

Everyone shouted except Yaya,Ying and Reverse

Yaya and Ying:*cheer happily

Reverse:"Math test?!"

Gopal:"umm...*Gopal raised his hand
.....Teacher Papa may to bother you but...Isn't our first lesson is Science and as I remember we don't have Math today"

Teacher Papa:"is it then?"

All students:*give him a nodded taking it as a Yes

Teacher Papa:"oh?do you see my face over here??"

Again they nodded

Teacher Papa:"does my face have a worry face on it?? WELL WHO CARES!!!JUSTICE NEVER DOUBT ANYTHING!!!....*he shouted

Everyone *sweat drop

Teacher Papa:"now let the test begin!...*he shouted while giving everybody the test papers

Yaya and Ying:
"Huh!I you'll lose this time!"said Yaya
"Huh!You are!"reply Ying to Yaya and an aura of rival appeared from both of them

Meanwhile Gopal

Gopal:"arghh!!why is it so hard this time??I can't answers it ....I didn't get time to study or even memories all the steps I'm so dead now"(T▽T)

At Reverse POV

Reverse:*sweatdrop..."do all the teachers in this school give a sudden exam??"

After the so-called suprise that Teacher Papa said before all of them quickly strated answering all the question and time pass and ended the exam

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