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Hello guys...Sorry for late's 1a.m in the morning and I still haven't sleep cause suddenly got ideas for this chapter so just write it before forgot......Well enjoy!
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Gopal:"why did Teacher Papa gave us a sudden test?!this time is really hard from before!"*whinning about the sudden test

Yaya:"he only want to test our ability"*replied Yaya

Gopal:"even so but next time make it a little bit easier because my father is goin to kill me!"

Fang:*lift his eyebrows...."huh?why?"

Gopal gave him his test paper

Fang:*shocked to see his paper...."what!?you failed?!

Gopal:"huhuhu yea"

Fang:"what's more is that you only answer 10 question correctly from 50 question?!"

Gopal:"dey!this is better than last time math test"*replied and took his paper back from Fang

Fang:"well I only got 40 out of 50 question correctly"*not happy with the result...."looks like Im at third place again like before"*sight while muttered under his breath

Yaya:"that's what you get for not studying,Teacher Papa always reminds us to study"

Gopal:"yea I know"

Yaya:"its ok,next time Im sure you will pass like me!I've answers all the questiom correctly and this time the first spot is mine"

Ying:"dont think highly of yourself,your not the one that got all correct...I also got all correct by the way and for the record that fisrt place is belongs to me!"

Yaya:"No its belongs to me!

Fang:"geez!guys chill you both will get the first place like before and no one dares to take it from you cause your both super smart"*try to calm them down but failed

Yaya:"that time was just lucky but this time its different...Im not going to share my spot to her!hmph!"*turn around while crossing her arms

Ying:"hmph!like I would share too that spot belongs to me"

Gopal:"guys can we forget about who gets the first place ok?"*try to stop them but failed again

Yaya and Ying:"NO!"*look each other as the wether quickly change to a dark cloudy storm

Gopal and Fang sweat drop as they just watch them fight over who gets the first spot in class

Gopal POV

As Fang and me watching both of them fighting over who gets the first spot again,something cought my eyes.I look at it and saw the new student ummm...his name is Reverse right?!...Anyway he is eating under the tree alone?where his friends? I was thinking about eating with him so I ask my friends about it

End of POV

Gopal:"hey guys isnt that the new student?"

Fang:"where?"*searching everywhere

Yaya and Ying stopped fighting each other when they heard Gopal saying about the new student:

Gopal:"over there,under the big tree"*pointing toward the big tree where Reverse is eating

Yaya,Ying and Fang look at the direction where Gopal is pointing at

Yaya:"oh I see him...why is he eating alone?where are his friends?"

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