His Master

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Reverse:"Phew....Im finally here.I hope master didn't notice that im late"

I walking through the familiar coridor that i always went since i 've been here.

??? :"ahh... Khai, you finally here. And why you're late."

Reverse:"a-ahh...M-master I-I mean Father I was late cause got invited by our enemies to their place"

??? :"oh really? The kokotiam? Well done!"

Reverse:"I am going to my room then if you need me"

???:"oh!one thing"

Reverse:"what is it Father???"

???:"tomorrow I have something on,keep on eye to our enemies,understand?"

Reverse:"understood Father"

At room

"Phew its good father isnt mad at me,well his mad at me before cause he dont want me to be late or something...I know him and that's why I prefer him as my father...He is nice but when it comes to train me,about his enemies or something else he'll get serious"...as I tought.

Reverse:"huh I wander when will father destroyed them?...Hmm never mind I'll go shower first then go to sleep"

as time skip


Yaya and Ying walk into the classroom together and greeted Fang and Gopal as usual

Yaya:"Hai you two, good morning"

Ying:"Hi, Morning!"

Gopal and Fang:"morning!"

Gopal:"so what about it,let's ask Reverse if we can visit his house and meet his father"

Yaya:"umm I want to visit his house and in the same time I want to meet his father too"

Ying:"me too,maybe his a nice father"

Fang:"same here"

Gopal:"has Khai arrived yet?"

Fang:"seem not like-oh he's here"

Gopal:"ahh Khai speak of the devil...good morning Khai,I want to ask you something"

Reverse:"good morning too,what is it?"

Gopal:"can we go to your place after school?"

Reverse:"hmmm sure it seem why not"

Gopal:"really?great..Oh is your master at home umm I mean your dad?"

Reverse:"my father?oh his not at home,he left this morning when I have breakfast"


Ying:"will he be home after we finish school?"

Reverse:"donno but he said to me he just gone for a while"

Gopal:'hope to meet him"

Classmate:"eveyone get back to your seats the teacher is coming!"

Everyone get to their own seats as all the students greeted the teacher

Yaya:"good morning teacher of justice!"said yaya as all of them followed

Everyone:"good morning teacher of justice!"

Teacher Papa:"good morning too my students of justice!...Now please sit down and lets started our class now shall we?"

Everyone:"yes teacher papa"

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