Headache 0.1

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Fang's POV

"I'm sorry to say but who are you people? How do you know my name?"

After Boboiboy said that I still couldn't believe it but I already prepared for this still I couldn't believe it...

Me and the others are still in the medical room. The room was dead silence no one want to say anything until...

"Excuse me?don't avoid what I said,you haven't answer my question yet"said boboiboy while waving his hand to them.

After he said that, everyone snapped and back to reality.

End of POV

Yaya:"what are you talking about?"*confused

Gopal:"haha dey! Don't you remember us,huh Boboiboy?"

Boboiboy:"what are you even talking about? I said who are you and remember what?"

Ying:"we're your best friends, don't you know that?"

Boboiboy:"I don't remember being friends with you guys"

Gopal:"haha ok stop acting like you don't remember us"

Boboiboy:"what act? I don't know what all of you are talking about,since when I'm joking?"*getting angry "please leave me alone for awhile thank you"

Gopal:"what? is true you-"*got cut by Fang

Fang:"I'm very sorry their just messing around please don't take it to heart, we'll leave you alone and we have something to do by the way"

Boboiboy:"hmm ok, I won't"

All of them including Fang walk out of the medical room leaving Boboiboy inside.

Ying:"so he still doesn't remember us huh?"

Gopal:"yeah, looks like it is"

Fang:"... Before when I was with Ochobot I ask him about Boboiboy if he remember,he said that when Boboiboy is awake he maybe not one hundred percent sure he'll remember"

Yaya:"then when will he remember everything?"

Fang:"I don't know but I will do everything for him to remember.. We all have to get his memories back!"

Everyone:"emm!yeah for him!"

Fang:"then in the mean time let's think of a way to bring his memories back"

Yaya:"but before that we need to tell Ochobot and the others, including Tok Aba that Boboiboy woke up from his coma"

Ying:"Yaya's right, we have to tell them"

Gopal:"ok let's go tell them now-"

Fang:"wait for a sec"

Ying:"what is it??"

Fang:"it's just...let's not tell the people at Pulau Rintis about Boboiboy is alive"

Gopal:"why you said that? Isn't it a good thing to let them know??"

Fang:"I know but we must keep it a secret for now"

Gopal:"keep it a secret??can we just say that he's still alive??"

Yaya:"what Fang meant was Boboiboy is still in recovery, don't forget he lost his memories"

Gopal:"ouh yeah...Sorry I almost forgot that thing"

Ying:"and don't forget people will be shocked to see him"

Gopal:"and why?"

Ying:"aiyo, what's your reaction when you see who you though was dead standing healthy and breathing?"

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