Jikook with Hoseok 1

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Jimin's POV

Tomorrow's new year. The beginning of a brand-new year. And I was trying to sleep in my bed.

Yes. So what? Do you think I cared that much about new year? Not really. Not since I had left high school. And definitely not, since I had to go to work tomorrow.

And I really need my fucking beauty sleep right now.

But I can't. Because the teenagers around this neighborhood decided that it would be fun throw parties and lit up all the fireworks that they have in the store.

Believe me, after entering adulthood, you would do your best to stay away from all these noisy parties and just want a quiet peaceful night to sleep in.

To make it worse, Jungkook couldn't come back home due to him being outstation. We would only be able to meet tomorrow because Jungkook will straight away go to the office after landed from the airport.

Urgh I need my sleep. I swear if I didn't get my sleep tonight, I was going to be scarier than Yoongi who got his sleep interrupted by the noisy Taehyung.

I buried my head under the pillow with hope that the noises will calm down soon. Which didn't happen for the next few hours.

Just when I thought I could fall asleep, the sun showed itself by peeking through the curtains. I got up from the bed grumpily, stomping my feet to the bathroom.

Don't talk to me today if you don't want to get killed.

At least not this morning. We'll see what happen later today. Whether my mood would be better or not.

I finished dressing myself and got out from the house. I didn't have mood to prepare myself some breakfast, so I just skipped that process. I walked towards the bus stop and waited for my bus.

Luckily there was no incident throughout the journey to work. If there's anything happen, I was sure that I wouldn't show up at the office at all today.

I went into the lift, ignoring all the greetings I received from my colleagues. I was loved by all, but they knew not to mess with me when I wasn't in the mood. Except for one.

"Hi, Jiminie!" he chirped happily as he also stepped into the lift.

"Don't talk to me," I grumbled lowly. I didn't want to snap at the new intern since he didn't know about my extreme mood swing when I didn't get my sleep.

He had only seen me in my good mood before.

"Do you want to hear something, Jimin? Probably some of the jokes Namjoon's husband told me," his usual bubbly personality usually lightened me up but today, it just made my mood worsen.

I closed my eyes, rubbing my forehead trying to ignore his voice that was starting to give me headache.

"You know, yesterday my little brother asked me about you. He was so happy that you introduced us to the Kim's couple and said that he wanted to give some presents to you," he said happily while pulling out something from his bag and pushes the thing towards me.

"I said don't talk to me!" I burst out and accidentally slapped the presents away from his hand.

I heard a few gasps from the other colleagues who were inside the lift together with us, but they didn't dare say anything. They just looked sorry at Hoseok knowing that he isn't at fault, it was just my bad mood acting up.

I glared at him and exited the lift without processing what I just did to the poor boy. Again, I ignored all the attention I got when I walked towards my department.

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