100K Read Thank You Short Story: Chapter 1

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Warning: Smut ahead

Jimin's POV

After my first heat spent with Jungkook, he had never come for me for his rut. And it's been two months.

What is this?

I thought we were mates. Mates were supposed to help each other. But he even forbid me to meet him in the office and just shut himself out when his rut came.

I would have to obey him since his words kind of affect me if I tried to do the opposite. But he was hurting me, whether he realized it or not.

"Get out, Jimin. I don't want you in here closing to my rut days," Jungkook said that one day when I looked for him in his office.

He didn't say it with a harsh tone, but I felt really bad and not worthy of his time. I felt dejected. And I just walked away solely because I couldn't go against his words.

The words of my alpha. My alpha mate.

And to make me feel even worse, he still came to attend to my heat. When he came though, I felt even more dejected because he smelled different.

Even though I still let him touch me that day, I didn't like his smell. Not even a bit.

"Jimin, did Jungkook tells you anything?" being pulled back into the reality by the question asked, I looked up to the tall alpha, Namjoon, who had came upon my desk.

"No. He's in rut now, right?" I asked immediately, worried about him.

"Yeah, so he's not coming for a week," he informed and I widened my eyes at Namjoon's words.

"A week? But last time it only took him three days?" I asked.

"Yeah, about that. He actually took suppressant and got scolded badly by his doctor when he got caught," Namjoon scratched behind his ear as he told me the unexpected news, and I felt my heart dropped.

So, he smelled different because of the drug?

"Suppressants? But, he was a pure alpha. I - I thought he'd at least got help from any b-beta," my voice trailed off as my thoughts were filled with the thoughts of my alpha being in pain.

It was supposed to be my responsibility to help him.

Why did he do that?

Suppressants to control his rut was almost like a suicide to his wolf. Especially since he was a pure breed. The effects were worse for him.

"I - Can I take emergency leave for a few days, Namjoon? Please," I was already standing up, trying to beg Namjoon to give me his permission.

"To see Jungkook?" he asked calmly.

"Y-yeah," I stuttered out as my eyes wide with surprise.

Namjoon wasn't supposed to know that Jungkook and I were mate.

"Don't act so shock, Jiminie. I could smell Jungkook's scent from you from miles away. You don't even try to hide your mark," he pointed to his neck and I immediately cupped my mark, feeling my cheeks heated.

"Go, there's a car already waiting for you at the lobby. I was tasked by Mr. Jeon to send you to Jungkook's house anyway," he said and I was mortified.

Even Jungkook's father already knew about us?!

Chuckling a little at my paled face, Namjoon pushed me to walk to the elevator. And my face reddened at the small whisper of 'have fun' from the alpha, accompanied with his knowing smirk before he left for his work.


I gulped as I broke into Jungkook's house.

Well, I was given the access card to his apartment from Mr. Jeon's driver so technically it's not a break in.

But still, I got into the house without the owner's permission so this might be a break in attem -





I felt my breath got heavier as soon as Jungkook's scent hit my nose. It was so strong that I almost collapsed by the heavy alpha scent lingering around the house. Feeling my legs weakened, I staggered to find something to hold to support me, my bag already forgotten on the floor.





Feeling like in trance, I made my way towards my alpha's room although his scent was starting to make my nose hurt due to its intensity. I wonder if this was how Jungkook felt when he smelled my scent during my heat.

This was too overwhelming.

Even before I opened the door to his room, I already felt my lower parts getting wet with both pre cum and slick, wanting to satisfy my alpha in his rut.

Taking one last breath, I entered only to be immediately slammed to the wall by the one alpha in the room. He was breathing heavily into my neck, trying to figure out my identity with my scent as I believed that as of now, his vision was all blurry due to being clouded by his rut.

"I told you not to come," disregarding his warning, I only felt my own breath raging, high with lust hearing him growled sexily in my ears.

"Alpha, take me" I begged him desperately, loosening my tie and unbuttoning my shirts, tilting my head to seduce the alpha with more and more of my scent to make him lose his control.

Finally giving in to his needs, Jungkook bit my neck at the mark spot and I moaned in ecstasy at the contact of his teeth on my skin. It hurts, but felt really good.

Feeling his hands starting to roam for my body, I helped him to undress myself while still being held onto the wall. His grip was strong, and I didn't waste my time to wrap my legs around his waist as soon as my pants were off me, preparing myself to be taken by the alpha.

With one deep thrust, Jungkook was fully inside me. My back arched as he reached deep inside my body, and my hips automatically moved on its own, riding the high of wanting to feel good and wanting to please the alpha who was caging me in his arms.

My alpha didn't even utter a single word besides grunting in my ears at each thrust he made. But his mouth never stopped working, with his lips sucking on every part of my body and his tongue flicking every where he could reach.

It was messy.

It was nasty.

It was rough.

But it was bliss.

His every touch made me shivered and with every new bite made me moaned in pleasure. This was so different from the time where Jungkook take me during his previous ruts.

Before we mated.

Sure, he was rough like before but now, all his movements, and each of his touch was making me rolled my eyes to the back, overwhelmed by the pleasure he gave.

"Alpha, so good, alpha - alpha!"

I tried to meet all his wild thrusts, trying to keep my mind sane as I kept encouraging the alpha to satisfy his need. Jungkook did seemed boosted to do even more when he grabbed my hips and pushed me down harder every time he thrusted upwards, hitting all the good spots in me.

I moaned loudly in his ears, already reaching my climax at his constant abuse on my prostate, but still clenched myself tight around his members, determined to make my alpha feel good.

Jungkook growled and moaned in my ears, his thrusts becoming more and more out of control. He soon reached his climax deep inside me, and forcefully pulled me into a rough kiss, abusing my whole mouth with his tongue. With just one fuck, I was a naked mess, sandwiched between my alpha and the wall.

But it wasn't enough.

Once was never enough to satisfy his rut.

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