Chapter 9 - Plan of Action

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(A/N: Happy Birthday 🥳 Kim Namjoon, RM, A very long chapter because it is my bias' birthday! 🎂Enjoy! 😊)

"I'm sorry but I have to kick you two out of BTS. You both knew about the dating ban but you still dated. You two are also gay. We can't have that in the best Kpop group that is going worldwide. It just can't happen. I am very sorry. You can go pack your things and leave. We are preparing a statement and apology for what's you two have done. This meeting is over. You may leave."

"Please PD-nim. We are very sorry. Please give us another chance." Jungkook said. "Please at least Jimin it was my idea to start dating. He was telling me no but I convinced him to."

"It's still the both of you," Hitman Bang said shaking his. "By the way, you two are no longer a part of this company and should not be here unless you would like me to call security, then please leave."

Jimin stood up and began to drag Jungkook out of the room who had began to cry and beg to Hitman Bang for another chance. But Hitman Bang just sat there and began to laugh evilly and loudly.

Jungkook jumped awake. He looked at the clock on the wall.


"Hey, good morning Kook. I just finished showering you can use the bathroom now." Jimin's soft voice said. "I would have liked to shower together but things are different."

I nodded. "I would have loved to too. I love you Jimin-ssi."

"I love you too Kook, I love you too."

After they both showered and got dressed, they shared a long kiss before leaving Jungkook's room. It was nearly 8am and all the members had gathered in the living room.

"He won't kick you out. It's not BTS without the both of you." Yoongi said.

"Yeah our lead singer, centre, golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook and our main singer and dancer and mochi Park Jimin. We need you both." Hoseok added.

"Wait so you all support us?" Jimin asked.

"Of course we do Jimin, it would be stupid if we didn't. We love you no matter what." Seokjin said. "Now come on you better not be late. Best of luck"

After the oldest spoke, the couple then went outside and into the car.

"I'm really so-" Jungkook began.

"Hey, we've talked about this. Don't apologise. Are feeling sorry that we fell in love with each other? Are you apologising for the real love we feel for each other?" challenged Jimin.

"Jimin it's just that I know that you care a lot about what other people think of you and this is really big and so I feel sorry that you have to go through what you are going through but the thing is I can't relate to that and I feel bad for that." Jungkook explained. "So please let me apologise to you. And no. I am proud about the fact that I love and I am not and will never apologise for the love I feel for you. I hope that one day, we can get married and have some children and grow old together you know?"

Jimin nodded but stayed silent for the rest of the car journey as Jungkook drove. They both hadn't looked at any more posts from their fans. He liked the nice ones but there were still people who were being extremely horrible to them and he didn't like that. He wanted to be happy and they just weren't what he needed right now.

"Come on Jimin, it's 7:58. We have two minutes left." Jungkook informed. "We will be okay."

The couple made their way into the Big Hit Entertainment building to Hitman Bang's office and Jungkook knocked on the door.

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