Chapter 1 - ॐ

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Knight in Shining Armor

The evening breeze was cool as rain began to fall. 

I was asleep on the bus when I felt raindrops begin to drip onto me from a space in the window beside me. It easily woke me from my slumber.

I shifted my weight so I was sitting upright, and rubbed on my eyes. It rendered my sight blurry for a moment as I fully awoke myself.

"Shit... I'm getting wet," I mumbled to myself, still rubbing on my eyes. Once I stopped, I glanced around and realized that I missed my stop.

"Shit!" I cussed loudly. I quickly alerted the bus driver and got off at the very next stop without stopping to think twice.

It began to pour and I quickly looked around for the nearest shelter. I spotted a enclosed bench by a stop sign, but it was across the street.

I braced myself and ran over, trying my best to shield my line of sight. As soon as I made it across, I sat down and pulled out my phone.

I was hours away from my destination and running late for a photoshoot. Being that I'm the photographer only makes things worse.

I consistently groaned in frustration as I tried dialing my worthless coworkers. None of them were picking up and I was hopelessly lost.

This was a part of New York that I wasn't familiar with. I would get a cab, but I don't have the money on me for an hour and a half drive then back home. The next bus didn't come for another hour.

I angrily cussed a few more times at myself.

...What the fuck am I supposed to do now!?

"Hey?" A voice startled me and I quickly looked up. My eyelashes were drenched so I had to squint to make out the figure.

"I'm sorry to bother you. But may I ask why you are alone out here at this time of night?" The voice questioned with curiosity and the most charming chuckle followed shortly afterwards.

"...I know you probably think I'm weird as hell... but I'm lost." I said coyly and when the figure stepped into the light of the lamppost above me, I saw the most powerful pair of brown eyes.

This woman has the beauty of a god!

She was a few inches taller which surprised me because I was at least 5'7. And I haven't got my height taken since high school.

"What's your destination?" The woman asked as she held her umbrella above the two of us. I told her and the woman let out a laugh as she asked, "How the hell did you end up here?"

I felt an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment and carefully explained how I got here.

"No need to feel embarrassed, it's a common mistake that anyone can make." She said, as if she could read me effortlessly.

"I can give you a ride if you'd like." She then offered and I brought myself back to reality. As beautiful as you is, this is very much stranger danger!

"It'd be my pleasure to take you. I promise I'm not a serial killer. Just a concerned citizen."

I usually deny any form of help but...

I let out a sigh, taking my misfortune into consideration. "I'd appreciate it..." I admit.

It was then that I realized the woman's car was parked beside the curb. The lights were on and I looked her over once more in suspicion.

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