Chapter 20: Letting Loose

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"I'm training right now," Naruto said with a small wipe of sweat from his brow. "Shadow Clones do pack a punch to the chakra reserves, but at least my reserves will grow. Right?" He asked as he tilted his head to the side for a second.

"Right," Tsunade finished in a dry tone. "I thought you're supposed to be twenty-something." Naruto shrugged with a small smirk.

"When the Sage of Six Paths gives you almost unlimited chakra as well as a quick way to learning things you don't really notice your reserves grow as big as they get, do ya?" He said sarcastically. Tsunade rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, the Sage of Six Paths. That guy," She mocked. 

"Anyway," Naruto said as he sat down next to Jiraiya, who had been watching the entire ordeal with a small smile. "It seems we need a plan to take down Orochimaru, and lucky for us, this has happened before. So here's how it's going to go. . ." 

Naruto stood in the field next to Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Shizune, across them from several yards away stood Orochimaru with his arms dangling to the side and looking a dark grey and his apprentice, Kabuto. 

"Oh wow," Naruto said, clapping his hands with a small smirk. "What do we have here? We never thought we would see you guys here, especially you Kabuto. I thought you were dead. Oh well, but it's almost like an ambush," Naruto closed a single eye and threw his arms in the air dramatically. "But what you don't know, is that it was totally expected and that you aren't the ambushers," Naruto said with a wide grin before the four blew up in a cloud of smoke.

Orochimaru's eyes widened. "Where-" He began but stopped as a fist erupted from the ground and uppercut him in the air, that fist belonging to Tsunade as her honey brown eyes glared furiously at the Snake Sannin. 

Kabuto reacted quickly and went to slice into Tsunade with his chakra scalpels, only to stop as Jiraiya came from behind them and created a boiling mud bog, with Kabuto sinking in up to his neck. 

Orochimaru landed on the ground, his jaw bent awkwardly to the left. He placed his hand on the jaw and snapped it forward back in place and smirked. "Your punches have grown weaker, Tsunade. I thought they would at least leave a sting." 

"I'll get up to speed real soon," Tsunade snarled, cracking her knuckles. "How about you be my punching bag?" 

"As much as I would like to," Orochimaru shouted as jumped up. "I believe we have much, larger, things to be afraid of." As he descended, Kabuto shouted.

"Summoning Jutsu!" Orochimaru landed softly on Manda's large head next to Kabuto, his smirk growing as Jiraiya cursed, having to back away from the gigantic snake in threats of being crushed. 

"Orochimaru," Manda slithered out. "Where are my sacrifices?" Orochimaru gave a mock sad smile.

"I apologize, Manda-sama, but I do not have them with me. However if you help me this time, I will double your sacrifices the next time I summon you." Manda hissed lightly before humming in agreement. 

"Very well, but if you summon me without sacrifices, I will eat you instead." 

"Oh wow," Naruto said, making himself known. "A big ass snake." He remembered Sasuke riding along those things, and had to battle much larger things than Manda with Madara's animal summoning with the Rinnegan. "Don't worry guys, don't pull out Gamabunta or that Slug lady granny has," Tsunade glared at Naruto, but held her tongue. 

Naruto pulled out a sword. "I've dealt with hundreds of foes larger than you, a snake does not scare me." Manda hissed angrily. 

"You dare mock me, boy? I'll eat you first!" Naruto pulled out his sword, holding it loosely to his side as it began glowing with red chakra. 

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