Chapter 33:

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"Because this time," Naruto's Rinnegan seemed to glow. "I'm different!" 

As Naruto Uzumaki said those words, he dashed forward. Forgetting Obito, Sayuri, Sai, and Sakura and leaving them behind him as the cause of his pain stood in front of him. He roared as he punched the masked figure straight in the chest and sent them flying a hundred feet through the ruins of Ame. 

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Naruto roared, his voice getting tainted as his hatred seemed to take over his body, the yellow glow of his Sage of Six Paths mode turning a twinge darker, it now being a light orange instead of a bright yellow. 

"Heh," The masked man chuckled as he stood up, dusting off the rubble from his cloak as he suddenly tore it off, revealing plain grey attire that went well with his white mask, his Sharingan glowing as he held open his palm. "Not before you kill yourself you won't." 

A pulse was visible coming off of the masked man as debris flew wildly. Sayuri and Obito encased themselves, including Sakura and Sai, within their Susanoos while Naruto just rose his hand in return. "Almighty Push," He whispered to himself, knocking the debris out of his path as he disappeared in an orange flash.

Reappearing above the masked man, Naruto's fist grew ten times the size as he went to hammer his fist down onto the man, only to completely miss as the man disappeared from his sight as he had several times before. "Oh no you don't," Naruto whispered as he suddenly stretched out both of his hands. 'Universal Pull,' He thought, reaching out for any bodies within ten meters from him. 


He frowned, where was this piece of-

His thoughts were interrupted as a fist suddenly appeared from under Naruto, the masked man springing from the ground and delivering a devastatingly strong uppercut to Naruto's chin, causing the blond to fly ten feet up into the air. 

"Chibaku Tensei!" The masked man uttered those words and Naruto's eyes widened to the size of saucers as he suddenly felt himself getting pulled into the air, the destroyed buildings that scattered the ruins of Ame lifting off the ground and slamming into him.

Sayuri watched in horror as Naruto's figure disappeared behind the rubble. Soon enough, there was a gigantic meteor suspended in the air. The masked man chuckled and turned to the remainder of Team 7. 

"I'm afraid he won't be breaking out of that, only one person has been able to do so in the past and I'm afraid Naruto's power isn't something that can be compared." He looked up. "The amount of pain he must be feeling is immeasurable." 

"Release him!" Obito threatened, the Mangekyou in his eyes spinning wildly, ready to act at a moment's notice. He had already missed his chance when Naruto was distracting the man, he wouldn't miss it again. 

"Obito Uchiha, one of the sole remaining members of the Uchiha Clan. Interesting, you have both Mangekyou and certainly you'd be a very troubling opponent to face with your Kamui." The figure chuckled once more. "But you do not have the Eternal Mangekyou, therefore," The man's hand erupted into lightning, it crawling up his arm as he rose his hand. "You are not the main player in this dance." 

"No," Naruto whispered from within the boulder. He couldn't feel his body other than the pain that coursed across his skin. "No," He whispered again as he felt a fire burning in his chest. A familiar feeling.


"THERE'S NO POSSIBLE WAY!" He shouted as his Rinnegan flared up, the debris and rubble that made up the meteor Madara had used so many times back then, was instantly turned into nothing but dust. 

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